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Reference number: 6857

Date: 1983

Director: d. Eddie McConnell

Sponsor: Channel Four Television Co. Ltd.

Production company: International Film Associates (Scotland) Ltd.

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 14.32 mins

Description: An artistic interpretation of the capability of the human hand.

Credits: sc. Eddie McConnell
ed. Fiona MacDonald Terry Dalzell
recordist: Colin Nicolson
m. The Naxos Piano Quartet; Edwin Paling (violin); James Durrant (viola); Elizabeth MacDonald (cello); Lawrence Glover (piano).

Shotlist: title (0.21) c/u pair of hands flexing (0.37) gvs workmen making hand signals to crane operators; docks, cranes (1.09) c/u hands of pianist, cellist and violinist, of the Naxos Quartet (2.00) c/u glass blower's hands, intercut with quartet; children's hands and workmen's signals intercut with trio (5.23) c/u signing hands; workmen working with cranes; children dressing hair (6.23) female hands weaving, knitting and crotcheting, intercut with glass blowers work (7.28) c/u hands quartet, snooker players, (8.03) children playing with gloves; workmen's gloves; group of older women using sign language; workman gives 'worker's salute' (8.36) hands going through a record collection; group of older ladies dancing together intercut with worker's signals and children negotiating lunch (10.39) c/u old men's hands as they play cards; children's hands (11.25) workmen's signals intercut with children and shots of glass blower making a glass horse; workmen applaud (14.01) ecs (14.32)