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A current affairs programme discussing the North Sea oil industry in 1971 - just as the potential value of the industry to Scotland was becoming apparent. (clip)

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Reference number: T2290

Date: 1971

Production company: [ Scottish Television]

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 29.55 mins

Description: A current affairs programme discussing the North Sea oil industry in 1971 - just as the potential value of the industry to Scotland was becoming apparent.

Shotlist: [STV logo] (0.07) gvs scenes of work on the 'Sea Quest' oil rig intercut with talking heads of men commenting on the great opportunity the discovery of North Sea oil offers, they speak of an 'industrial revolution' for Scotland (1.11) men drill for oil on platform (1.44) i/v pump man, he explains his job (2.41) elevated gvs men drilling (3.00) i/v Dave Hughes, Geologist, speaking about hunting for oil and the great feeling of professional pride when proved right about its location (3.31) helicopter approaches rig and lands (3.49) c/u graphic detailing map of oil fields off Aberdeen and North East Coast of Scotland, representing oil fields under exploration (4.53) aerial shot 'Sea Quest' platform (5.09) i/v Bill Adams, Regional Officer, Scottish Council for Development in Industry, he speaks of the benefits oil brings to the service industry and the effects that the oil industry has had on the Scottish population (6.51) reporter to camera - backdrop is derelict shipyard on Clydeside - he speaks of decline of traditional heavy industries and the potential is there for oil industry to ease unemployment (7.24) shot as a newly constructed rig passes under Erskine Bridge, foreground shots include children paddling in River (8.12) i/v with a leading Clydeside shipbuilder, Ken Douglas, who discusses the problems faced with costing, delivery and build of rigs; the differences between rig construction and traditional shipbuilding techniques; and the construction centre for production platforms located in Invergordon (9.34) gvs barren, freezing Alaskan landscape, gvs oil exploration there (10.43) local development officer, John Hutton, discusses business attitudes towards North Sea oil, including the desire for government financial aid, the effect the oil industry has on local economy and nationally (12.24) shot of children riding bicycles along quiet street, in unidentified North East town (12.29) shot of a female farmer driving combine harvester in field, hay bales are loaded into trailer (12.54) wide angle view, Cruden Bay (13.04) c/u man planing his wooden boat - commentary discusses lease of local land and the fact oil developers have their eye on Cruden Bay for development (13.25) ints lecture room with maps and models, i/v Geology Professor at Strathclyde University, A. Kerr Pringle (13.45) ints geology laboratory where man performs tests on rock samples (14.27) further i/v Professor Pringle (15.00) ints 'Texan Style' oil auction by UK Treasury (where bids are accepted from companies by the UK Treasury for areas of North Sea they want to explore for oil in August - this particular bid in 1971 is for just over £21 million) (15.55) ints Stonehaven Radio operators as they send and receive coded messages to and from rigs - they are sworn to secrecy as information exchanged is often sensitive regarding technical or geological data that could indicate oil is present (16.33) reporter aboard 'Sea Quest', gvs ballast and c/u lower sections of rig (17.52) ints control room where stability of rig is monitored (18.06) men board diving bell and are lowered into water - commentary features i/v with men regarding teamwork and safety issues (19.38) i/v Harry Miller, he discusses discovering oil, the feelings that brings, technical problems encountered with the weather etc (20.52) sequence of quickly edited shots featuring typical kinds of workers on rig such as engineers, caterers, drillers, loggers - they are seen relaxing in their rooms, reading and writing home... (21.20) ints cafeteria where men enjoy a meal (21.38) i/v ex-monumental stonecutter and an ex-Navy man, from the North East - they discuss working conditions on rig (22.32) tracking shot North Sea (22.44) presenter to camera, unidentified North East coast harbour, discussing issues of oil transportation (23.06) underwater gvs diver exploring pipeline, inspection and repair (?) (23.53) i/v Aberdeen County Councillor Major Paul Miller on how there should be a fund for developing Scotland outwith the oil industry - why communities in North East should benefit from oil discovery (24.21) i/v Bill Adams, Regional Officer Scottish Council for Development in Industry who disagrees, he is not in favour of subsidy but instead measures to enable Scottish industry to develop itself (25.03) c/u graphic Cruden Bay pipeline to Grangemouth, pipeline to Shetland and onto supertanker (25.43) 'British Valour' tanker at sea (26.20) gvs Grangemouth and i/v General Manager, Grangemouth Oil Refinery, Mr Fraser Cook discussing how he was surprised the oil industry arrived, people do not realise how big the industry is, why Scottish industry and business attitudes to oil are not doing enough (28.47) reporter discusses the shale oil industry and shows one of the last pieces of oil producing shale rock to camera. He then shows the first barrel of crude oil to come out of North Sea, c/u reporter dipping his hand in barrel (29.28) aerial shot platform in North Sea (29.55) [end picture] (30.03) [end sound]