The first computers to be used in a Scottish university and at the Bank of Scotland. (clip)

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  • Dundee
  • Glasgow


  • Construction and engineering
  • Education
  • Employment, industry and industrial relations
  • Science and technology
  • Ships and shipping


  • Television documentary


  • Enterprise 64


  • 1960s

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Reference number: T1733

Date: 1964

Director: d. Ken Davis & Robert Amram

Sponsor: Scottish Television

Producer: Ken Davis

Production company: Arrow Productions

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 22.22 mins

Description: Scottish Television documentary exploring the consequences of the introduction of computers to Scottish Industry and Higher Education. The programme examines applications in banking, research, shipbuilding and thread production, including shots of the first computer to be brought to a Scottish University. Part of a special industrial series, "Enterprise 64" intended to raise interest in the Scottish Industries Exhibition.

Other films in the series can be found at refs. T0715, T1432 and T2256

Credits: Presented by Andrew Gardner
Script Research Andrew Hargrave
w. Robert Amram
m. Laurie Johnson
ph. Reg Cavender
sd. rec. John Brommage
ed. Frank Goulding
sound editor Norman Savage
exec p. David Johnstone

Enterprise 64

Shotlist: opening credits (0.39) Andrew Gardner introducing programme in a computer room (1.40) ext of the Bank of Scotland in Edinburgh, the first bank in Scotland to install computers (1.58) shot of a woman operating a cheque sorting machine with c/u's of the machine in operation (2.28) shots of computers with computer tape with c/u's of the operation of computers and how they relate to modern banking (3.16) shots of computer controlled machine cutting tools via magnetic tape or punch tape (4.14) panning shot of the N.C.R. [National Cash Register] factory at Dundee moving onto another factory of the same company (4.50) shots of workers in the factory constructing calculating machines with c/u of the machines in operation (7.04) shot of computer tape being transferred from an office to a computer centre (7.27) talking head of the manager of the Computer Centre, interspersed with shots of the computer centre at work (9.45) Enterprise 64 End of Part One; Part Two (10.04) shot of the tower of the University of Glasgow (10.20) shot of a man working in the tape preparation room where all programs are transferred onto punch tape (10.34) panning shot of the University computer [English Electric Deuce] followed by shots of the computer producing computer tape (11.29) c/u's of texts from literature being analysed by the computers; Dr Gilles and Mr Ogden scrutinising a manuscript; writing a flow diagram of programme steps on a blackboard; using a computer for analysis of manuscript (13.34) panning shot of unid. shipyard on the Clyde interspersed with shots of a scale drawing of the shell of a ship (14.23) shot of man working on a frame used to draw scale drawings (15.39) shots of the yard interspersed with shots of planners in their office using computer produced charts to aid their management of time and resources in the shipyard(16.38) exts. of Coates thread factory in Paisley (16.50) shots of computers used to help the thread making business with shots of the factory in operation; talking head of unid. man; speaks of use of computer for prediction of colour recipes for thread, as opposed to trial and error; gvs dyeing machines and thread dyeing processes (20.27) talking head of Andrew Gardner sitting at a table in a airport (21.16) e.c.s. (22.22).