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  • West Lothian


  • Construction and engineering
  • Employment, industry and industrial relations


  • Television documentary


  • Enterprise 64


  • 1960s

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Reference number: T1432

Date: 1964

Director: d. Ken Davis & Robert Amram

Producer: Ken Davis

Production company: Arrow Productions for Scottish Television

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 24.42 mins

Description: Scottish Television documentary dealing with the growth and formation of the Steel Industry in Scotland in 1964, giving examples of the various industrial applications. Part of a special industrial series, "Enterprise 64" intended to raise interest in the Scottish Industries Exhibition.

Other films in the series can be found at refs. T0715, T1733 and T2256

Credits: presented by Andrew Gardner
script research: Andrew Hargrave
w. Robert Amram
m. Laurie Johnson
ph. Reg Cavender
sd. rec. John Brommage
ed. Frank Goulding
sound editor Norman Savage
exec p. David Johnstone

Shotlist: title sequence (0.40) aerial shot of the Forth Road Bridge (0.54) talking head of Andrew Gardner beside the road bridge (1.26) panning shot of Forth Rail Bridge (1.40) Bathgate car works, int shots of manufacture in factory with shots of Hillman Imp being produced (3.42) shots of Caterpillar diggers in action (4.07) shots of diggers being built (4.35) shots of diggers in yard with talking head of Bob Cliff Works Manager sitting on board a digger interspersed with shot of diggers in action, with Bob driving off (6.02) shots of girders and the frame of a girder building (7.11) shots of various new high rise buildings, including the Central College of Commerce,and Livingston Buildings (Strathclyde University) in Glasgow (7.58) shots of Western Infirmary in Glasgow, showing a specially made steel pressure chamber (constructed at Ravenscraig) with doctor and nurse treating a patient for 'coal gas poisoning' (10.42) Enterprise 64 End of Part One Part Two (11.01) various shots of ships and shipyards (13.07) talking head of manager in shipyard interspersed with shots of Scotstoun Yard Steel producing steel bulk of a ship (16.08) construction of a train ferry (18.00) shots of Lithgow's yard with shots of construction of a ship with shots of crane moving corrugated steel sections, magnet crane moving steel through the yard (20.50) gv's of John Brown's yard (20.50) talking head of A.G. on board a navy frigate. (23.37) e.c.s. (24.42).