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  • Caithness


  • Arts and crafts
  • Emotions, attitudes and behaviour
  • Employment, industry and industrial relations
  • Environment, the
  • Fish and fishing
  • Housing and living conditions
  • Local government
  • Power resources


  • Television documentary


  • Enterprise 64


  • 1960s

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Title: POWER HOUSE, the

Reference number: T2256

Date: 1964

Director: d. Ken Davis & Robert Amram

Sponsor: Scottish Television

Producer: Ken Davis

Production company: Arrow Productions

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 25.30 mins

Description: Scottish Television documentary exploring the social and economic changes in Caithness brought about by the new Nuclear Power Plant at Dounreay. Part of a special industrial series, "Enterprise 64" intended to raise interest in the Scottish Industries Exhibition.

Other films in the series can be found at refs. T0715, T1432 and T1733

Credits: presented by: Andrew Gardner
script research: Andrew Hargrave
written by Robert Amram
music Laurie Johnson
camera David Holmes
sound Robin Gregory
editor Frank Goulding
sound editor Norman Savage
executive producer David Johnstone

Shotlist: title sequence (0.57) Andrew Gardner on the Caithness coast moving onto shots of Dounreay Nuclear Power Plant (2.18) tracking shot through Thurso moving onto general shots of the centre of the town and the shop fronts v/o vox pops of local people (4.04) shots of recently built housing estates(5.01) ext's and int's of new secondary and primary schools in the area (6.26) talking head of head teacher interspersed with school children in the classroom (8.14) shot of a local hotel (8.58) shots of surrounding farms and farmland being worked by new machinery (9.50) shots of Scrabster the fishing port near Thurso (10.53) int of bar and restaurant on the waterfront of Scrabster (11.38) Enterprise 64 End of Part One - countdown leader - Part Two (12.06) gv's of Wick (12.39) ext and int's of Caithness Glass Ltd. factory in Wick with shots of male glass blowers; factory owner, Robin Sinclair, inspects finished wares; female workers finish the work and control quality; exts. factory (14.48) shots of Wick harbour (15.33) shot of jet plane taking off from Wick airport(16.05) shots of Halkirk (16.22) int of Stephen's Plastics Ltd. in Halkirk with female workers making protective clothing; shot of case being labelled (17.18) c/u "Danger" sign brief shot of a worker at Dounreay wearing one of the protective suits made at the factory (17.49) shots of the women workers in the plastics factory (18.16) talking head of Mr. Parry deputy director of Dounreay (18.37) shots of apprentices entering Technical College; gvs apprentices at work benches, making screws, etc. (19.51) gvs John Black working with remote robotic hands as a chargehand in Dounreay's chemical plant; gvs George Donn, chemical plant foreman, at work (22.02) talking head of Mr. Matthews director of Dounreay (22.52) shots of workers leaving Dounreay mainly by bus (23.32) A.G, to camera outside Dounreay winding up the programme (24.25) ecs (25.30)