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Successful Co-operative shops in Edinburgh must keep up with the times to attract new customers - includes some good 1960s department store interiors. (clip)

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A meeting of the Co-operative Women’s Guild starts with a rendition of the ‘Mother’s International’. (clip)

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Reference number: T0845

Date: 1968

Director: d. Ted Williamson

Production company: Scottish Television

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 39.00 mins

Description: A history of the SCWS movement to mark the centenary of its founding.

See also ref. 2601 [These in fact look to be the same film - undergoing a catalogue check at July 2008]

Credits: Historical material by arrangement with The National Film Archive, The S.C.W.S., T. & R. Annan & Sons Ltd.
sd. Len Southam, Garry Coleman, Geoff Robertson
sd. ed. Fred Bull
research John Black
ph. Bill Scott, Harry Bridges, Mario Ford
w. Charles Gormley
film ed. Bill Robertson

Shotlist: STV logo (0.08) tracking shot from car entering internal carpark; montage of shots people at work in SCWS Centenary House, Glasgow; (0.58) shots of a cleaner leaving lift; she cleans the boardroom (2.11) brass band on roof of building [playing the Internationale], intercut with ext. shots of Centenary House [title overlaid] (5.35) shots of women typing in a typing pool, and on the telephone exchange; men and women working in an open plan office (5.35) int. computer room (6.12) management drinking coffee and reading newspapers in coffee room (7.40) directors in boardroom (8.38) gvs village of Fenwick [where idea for SCWS began] (8.48) shots of a hand loom (9.14) c/u picture of Robert Owens; illustrations of Victorian Scotland, showing drunkenness, pawn shops and slums; stills of slum housing; stills of co-operative groups (11.24) archive footage of hunger marchers of '20s and '30s (11.56) shots of derelict tied housing, and still pit heads (12.58) two older men reminisce; intercut with archive footage of 30's soup kitchen, and modern charity run by Co-op (14.36) ints. Coe? Hall; women's meeting, opened by singing the Mother's International; (17.16) ext. and int shots of a wedding reception; dancing to an accordion band; (18.47) married couple emerge from Co-operative building and leave in car (19.13) ext. Co-op shops; talking head trade unionist and Co-op Society board member talking about purpose of Co-op Movement intercut with int. shots of Co-op Bank and shops (20.47) ext.and int. St. Cuthberts Co-op supermarket, tracking shot at trolley level (22.03) talking head Professor Carberry, of Strathclyde University talking about the movement intercut with shots of shopping centres, including Rutherglen (24.31) ext. Glasgow South Co-op shop (24.47) int. large Co-op store in Edinburgh (25.46) End of Part One

Part 2
shots of Argyll region Co-op van on road in Highlands, brief ints van (21.12 1.08) SCWS brass band in rehearsal intercut with shots of cows on milking machine (22.09 2.04) ext. and int. Allan Water Hotel, Bridge of Allan (22.49 2.41 ) int. shots of women in factory at sewing machines, pressing shirts, shots of newspaper 'Scottish Co-operator' coming off the press (23.22 3.12) talking head James Smith Marshall, General Manager of SCWS, intercut with shots of meat hanging (24.04 3.53) shots of soft drink factory (24.35 4.21) talking head manager (25.20 5.05) int. Co-op knitwear factory with women working machinery etc. (26.22 6.06) ext. factory (26.38 6.21) int. biggest funeral business in Europe with shots of coffins being hand built (27.47 7.27) interview with a graduate student, Helen Adams, training at the Co-op College, Loughborough (30.06 9.41) talking head James Marshall talking about the diverse interests of SCWS, intercut with int. of their old flour mill and ext. and int. of their new flour mill in Leith (33.17 12.37) ecs (13.25)