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Innovations in banking in the mid-1960s include new small branches, mobile banks and the drive-in bank ‘for the man in a hurry’. (clip)

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Security Express guards deliver a consignment of money to a Bank of Scotland branch, armed with a big stick... (clip)

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Reference number: T1135

Date: 1965

Director: d. Geoff Rimmer

Production company: Scottish Television

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 40.38 mins

Description: Scottish Television documentary from the mid 1960s highlighting the changing nature of modern banking and currency in Scotland. Printing, use and destruction of Scottish notes are discussed by bankers and members of the public, as well as their legal status in the United Kingdom.

Credits: film unit Bill Scott, Len Southam
film ed. Bill Robertson
sc. Bill Lyall
programme editor: Henry Hay

Shotlist: Roll 1: title sequence (0.24) bank notes being printed, title of programme superimposed, (0.47) man inspecting prints & acetate, c/u's of machinery printing and moving, notes (3.26) shots of cutting machine slicing thick sheets of money (4.35) talking head Iv with bank official? interspersed with shots of print run (5.41) shot of money being locked in bank vault (5.59) c/u shots of the different contemporary bank notes in circulation in Scotland (6.14) another talking head with a bank official at his desk (8.25) c/u's of old notes, moving back to the previous talking head (10.44) ext's of various banks - brief shots including The British Linen Bank and National Commercial Bank; talking head, previous bank official (13.14) Security Express van depositing money to a bank in the suburbs with shots of the int of the van - where the money is stored (14.47) shot of man locking the doors of bank vault; c/u CCTV camera; shot of TV showing vault in main office (15.56) ext shots of the main branches of the Bank of Scotland, RBS and other banks (16.01) talking head Iv with bank official in head office of British Linen Bank, interspersed with int. shots of bank with customers being served moving onto talking head of first bank official, speaks about the legal status of Scottish bank notes (21.27) brief ext. shots of banks followed by vox pops on the street, about experiences where money was refused; talking head of bank official (20.51) brief shot of bank notes being counted (21.31) Present Grandeur End of Part One (21.45)

Roll 2: Part Two logo with shot of bank notes being counted (0.09) vox pops in the high street talking about the nature banking in relation to the ordinary consumer (0.50) talking head of bank official in his office interspersed with shots of the inside of a busy bank (1.45) more shots of the interior of a large bank; talking head of banker in his office (4.47) shots of mobile bank and drive in banks with motorist depositing money (5.45) Ladies bank in Edinburgh and the Otter Bank which operates from Kirkwall (6.07) talking head with banker in his office intercut with int. shots of a bank with v/o of banker explaining the early closing policy of banks; shots of bank staff counting bank notes (8.31) shots of women working beside computerised banking equipment with c/u of the machinery, with bank statement machine as well as coin and note counters (12.28) talking head of the previous banker interspersed with int. shots of busy bank (14.47) brief shots of notes being counted; talking head of banker; shots of old bank notes being prepared for burning by a group of bank workers; shots of the notes being burned (18.08) shots of new bank notes being printed, ecs superimposed (18.53)