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Reference number: 9286

Date: 1952* / 1953*

Director: filmed by Dr. Iain Dunnachie

Sound: silent

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 14.01 mins

Description: Everyday life in the crofting community of Acharacle, Lochaber, in the 1950s.

Credits: Iain Dunnachie presents

Shotlist: opening credit and title (0.16) gvs landscape on a sunny day around Acharacle. Includes shots of cows standing in flooded field (0.45) Shielbridge House and the Salmon Pool exts same, gvs man angling (1.26) The daily steamer on Loch Sheil takes 2hrs from the railway at Glenfinnan animated map detailing the route of steamer (1.39) gvs steam ship approaching pier, men unloading cargo (including boxes of 'Tide' cleaner for clothes) (2.20) boxes are pushed up gangway on dolly on rails and unloaded again (2.51) Peat is the staple fuel gvs as men and women cut and stack peats from the bog (3.40) The people all work crofts gvs as family work the field with tractor and wheat cutting machinery, shake out the hay to dry, men make haystacks around a wooden structure using forks to move and pile up the hay (5.01) woman milks cow by hand (5.24) Some have other jobs as well [slightly oof] men use axes and hand held saws to start sawing down tree trunks (6.09) [focus returns] group of men sit around a fire in the woods, enjoying a tea break (6.29) Some have other jobs as well gvs men repairing road surface, shovelling bitumen, tarmac and stones (6.50) gvs as coal is tipped from local merchant's truck “K. Mathersons Sons General Merchants” into a boat, the man manually winding a lever to allow it to tip (7.22) two young men sail across Loch in motor boat, attached to the wooden boat with the cargo of coal (8.05) three postmen (?) in uniform unload sacks from the mail bus (presumably outside the village Post Office / general store (8.34) l/s graveyard and church, brief exts local school (8.52) animated map showing 'Acharacle' then moving to 'Salen' (8.59) gvs countryside around Salen, exts Hotel, exts police station (?) (9.23) exts box containing 'Salen Western Area Fire Brigade Fire Equipment' , includes c/u instructions on how to operate and contact for Fort William Fire Brigade (9.35) cow eating hedge and gvs cow in country road (9.46) general merchant 'K. Matheson & Sons' loading goods from general store into truck, presumably for delivery run to local houses (10.25) animated map showing 'Acharacle' then moving to 'Ardtoe' (10.34) gvs countryside, cattle in road, woman and three children walking along path (10.53) man sitting aboard boat moored in bay, mending boards on deck (11.07) young man sharpens scythe by hand, gvs cutting long grass (11.38) gvs crofts and gardens at Ardtoe, near the sea (11.52) brief shot women patting cow as it eats directly from metal bucket, shot of cow and dogs in field (12.10) gvs bay, men sail boat along, family on beach (12.48) c/u shells and hermit crabs (?) in shallow water (13.14) gvs family paddling, c/u crab scuttling along (13.52) The End (14.01)