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  • Dundee


  • Media, communication and the creative industries


  • Amateur
  • Instructional


  • 1960s

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Reference number: 9031

Date: 1966*

Director: filmed by George Gibson

Sound: sound

Original format: std. 8mm

Colour: col

Fiction: Non-Fiction

Running time: 7.34 mins

Description: One of a series of Dundee Cine Society amateur instructional films: See also ref s. 9023, 9029 and 9030

Film-maker was George Gibson, a keen amateur and a member of a cine club in Dundee at the time.

Shotlist: (0.00) blank - title - shot of titling set-up on table, man finishing 'Holiday Time' artwork - demonstration shot of cine camera, aperture opened, gate opened, gate removed, tissue inserted in film path - light shone through aperture to estimate field of view (1.35) shot of titling set-up, close-up lens being fitted to camera - sample scene of mother and child on beach - sample 'The End' title card - shot of sets of self-adhesive letters for titling - shot of camera set up on tripod with cable release - cameraman fixes 'THE END' title on wing of table, measures focal distance to focal plane mark - illustration of moving light source to create shadow effect (3.36) shots of man fixing letters to calendar page to create title - shots of man using Letraset lettering on black card (5.20) example of using plastic toy letters to create animated title, using cable release on camera - shots of example title cards - shot of cameraman filming wedding card title, with thread used to open and shut card (6.44) examples of super-imposed titles and method of filming - A DUNDEE CINE SOCIETY INSTRUCTIONAL FILM (7.34)