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  • Dundee


  • Media, communication and the creative industries


  • Amateur
  • Instructional


  • 1960s

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Reference number: 9023

Date: 1966*

Director: [filmed by George Gibson]

Production company: Dundee Cine Society

Sound: sound

Original format: std. 8mm

Colour: col

Fiction: Non-Fiction

Running time: 5.52 mins

Description: An amateur cine club instructional film demonstrating techniques for correct film exposure.

One of a series of Dundee Cine Society amateur instructional films: See also refs. 9029, 9030 and 9031

Film-maker was George Gibson, a keen amateur and a member of a cine club in Dundee at the time.

Shotlist: title - shots of man washing Austin Cambridge car outside house, first under-exposed, then over-exposed, then correctly exposed - still shot of woman in bikini [visual pun on 'exposure'] (1.25) Film Speed - ASA Number - The Higher the Number The Faster the Film - shot of Kodachrome daylight film box pointing out 25 ASA number on box - shot of Kodachrome photoflood light film box pointing out 40 ASA number on box - shot of Adox black and white film box pointing out 400 ASA number on box (2.16) c/u camera lenses, showing movement of aperture - Aperture is measured in f-Numbers - c/u camera showing f-number settings - The Larger the Number The Smaller the Aperture - shot of cine camera - shot of Weston Master IV light meter - brief shot of man using light meter outside - shots of 'invercone' being fitted to light meter and being used outside - c/u shot settings on light meter (4.06) shot of man filming in sunny weather - shot filmed in dull weather - shot of man filming into shadow - c/u shots of cine camera, aperture setting changed - c/u film speed being changed - shot of man shooting into sun - c/u of lens hood - shot of man shooting into sun, woman shading lens with card - shot of man shooting into sun from shadow, then filming woman from sun into shade to demonstrate manual override - still shot of woman in bikini - A DUNDEE CINE SOCIETY INSTRUCTIONAL FILM (5.52)