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Reference number: 8800

Date: 1949* / 1952* / 1958c

Director: filmed by Don McLachlan

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 11.48 mins

Description: Promotional film demonstrating the Welin McLachlan accommodation ladder davit for passenger liners, including shots in the factory and on board the 'Empress of Scotland' and the 'Oriana'.

Don McLachlan worked for the family firm Welin McLachlan. The Oriana was built between 1956 and 1959, which dates the later section of film (1953*) to around 1958. See also ref. 8689.

Don McLachlan was a keen amateur cameraman who began filming in 1935, firstly on 16mm reversal, then later on video. An engineer, keen sailor and family man, he recorded many aspects of his life, but rarely his working life. He died in December 2003.

Shotlist: title - A torsion spring operated Davit for rapid handling of Ladders - gvs of liner 'Empress of Scotland' in fitting-out basin at Fairfield's shipyard in Govan - shot of accommodation ladder and davit on deck - gvs on deck, showing ladder - shot of motorised winch (1.17) shots of deck-hands inspecting ladder - shots of ladder in operation: davits push ladder out over side of ship, deck-hand pulls lever to lower ladder - shots of ladder being raised from different angles - [black] (2.31) shots of davit machinery: torsion bars and c/u of lever pushing ladder out (3.15) deck-hand pulls lever to lower ladder, man watches by winch, ladder rises again - c/u shot of torsion bar lever being pulled back - shots of ladder being raised - gvs of Empress of Britain being manoeuvred in basin by tugs (5.15) shots in Welin McLachlan factory of modified telescopic accommodation ladder davit in operation, c/u shots of torsion bars, ladder being raised, lowered (6.39) wide shots of ladder being lowered into position, handrail automatically raised, telescopic section being lowered and handrail raised (8.08) shots of telescopic ladder in operation on the SS Oriana in dock at Vickers in Barrow-in-Furness, being raised and lowered - gv of deck and winch (9.32) wide shots from quayside of telescopic ladder being lowered to quay - shots from top of ladder of riggers fixing handrails - bosun and superintendent of Orient Company walk up ladder and converse on deck - shots of davit and winch - shots from below of ladder being lowered (11.48)

[NB some off-cuts attached after end, with different geometry]