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Reference number: 0161

Date: 1948c

Director: filmed by Mr. Clark

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 14.03 mins

Description: Life on an ocean-going liner including shots of the wireless office and the wheelhouse, the crew and passengers, including the 'Crossing the Line' ceremony. This is an amateur film made by Mr Clark, Radio Officer on the vessel, most probably shot as a home movie.

Shotlist: No credits. [COL] Life on the ocean. [BW] Shots of the passenger liner "Dominion Monarch" and embarkation (0.54) Always in touch with the outside world. c/u brass plate "Wireless Office"; ints same, single man working at a desk; c/u guages; c/u hand operating telegraph, beside paper headed: "Marconigram". (1.33) World News is Received Daily by Radio c/u longhand writing; Then printed in the Purser's Office for passenger use c/u pages headed with Jacquard-like punched patterns are examined for error; the page is mounted on the press, with blanks; ink is squeezed onto the ink roller; hand-cranking the printer; man reads the "Radio News" (2.36) relaxing on deck; men playing a net game. (2.51) ints. kitchen; c/u mechanical mixer (3.22) Shots of the wheelhouse (3.30) the vessel's pet monkey (4.32) This machine records the depth of the water shots of echo sounder and pen trace machine. Reference to the Charts Gives the Ship's Position c/u man using parallel rule and dividers on a chart. (5.21) [COL] 'Shooting' the sun at noon ms three men taking a reading from sextant, one wearing a pith helmet. Eight Bells ms man ringing bell; man writing into a ledger. The Captain's Hobby man in uniform holding up a rug, with "lightning" design; c/u rug (5.59) [BW] At the equator King Neptune and his court come on board. [partly oof] Ritual of Neptune and court on "crossing the line"; skit involving passengers suffering a mock operation, then being thrown into the pool, where "sea monsters" duck them under the surface again (10.41) Lifeboat drill & Fire drill is practised weekly Roll call roll call being taken, row of North African (?) crew; shots of lifeboat and fire drill practice (11.27) Sometimes at Sea as on Land burial at sea (12.03) Off duty. practising golf; c/u stripping sugar cane with teeth; ms visitors and friends on deck eating sugar cane; c/u woman stripping the cane. Darts game. (14.03)