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Reference number: 0722

Date: 1955

Director: filmed by Revd. Merricks Arnott

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 27 mins

Description: Glasgow welcomes Billy Graham, the American evangelist. He addresses crowds at the Kelvin Hall in Glasgow, Clydebank and Hampden Park.

Credits: A personal movie of the All-Scotland Crusade. By kind permission of the Crusade Executive Committee.

Shotlist: Credits (.15); Shots busy Glasgow streets (.23); Dedication of Crusade office. Various shots minister and roomful of people (.59); Queue in February for Crusade tickets. Queues along pavement, policeman turning people away (2.00); Transforming the Kelvin Hall. Long shot Art Gallery and across to Kelvin Hall (2.41); Inside shots of preparations. Platform and seating assembled, painting, curtain raised, railings painted, microphone tested. Workmen eating "pieces" out of newspapers (4.27); Setting up closed circuit television in the circus arena. Shots workmen, cleaners, etc (5.05); The increasingly busy office staff of Scots and Americans. Shots of inside office, people at typewriters, dealing with correspondence, telephone calls, etc (7.19); Glasgow's welcome, official and otherwise, to Billy Graham. Shot of frontage of St Enoch station with large banner to Billy Graham. (7.35); Large crowd outside sing while they wait and inside, the Crusade officials wait on platform (8.31); Locomotive no. 40232 pulls in and Billy Graham is greeted (9.01); Shots of group in room. Shots out of the window to the crowd in St Enoch Square. More shots of Billy Graham in the room and back to the crowds. Man plays an accordion and crowd sing hymns (10.24); Billy Graham emerges (10.33); Civic reception. Shots of George Square and the City Chambers. Civic dignitaries in robes of ermine greet Billy Graham and his party. Shots of Graham's address to the assembly in the hall (11.46); Glasgow Cathedral from the Necropolis. Shot of entrance to the Cathedral and views inside during a service (12.18); Poster advertising the Crusade (12.24); Long shot of Glasgow University and the Art Gallery and Kelvin Hall with flag poles outside. Shots of frontage of the Kelvin Hall with Crusade banners (12.50); From all over, by bus, train, taxi, car and subway. Shots of people filing into the Kelvin Hall (14.02); Every night for six weeks - this gigantic meeting. Shots of interior of packed hall (15.17); Choir 1200 strong. Shots of the choir and of waiting crowds. Various shots of the organists, pianists and conductor (16.43); Billy Graham then addresses the gathering (17.09); Responding to the call for decision. Shots as people leave their seats and go forward to the foot of the platform (19.39); Open air meeting at shipyard gates, Clydebank. Shots of Billy Graham standing at back of a van with a megaphone surrounded by crowds. (20.10); Ibrox stadium, Friday 29 April. Shots outside as large crowds make their way to the gates (20.51); Shots of huge crowds inside. Billy Graham leads the singing from the platform. People go forward to the dais (24.12); Closing rally, Hampden Park. Shots outside of crowds filing in. Red Cross services in attendance (25.04); Billy Graham leads the singing. Shot of Billy Graham and various speakers (26.53)