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  • Berwickshire


  • Architecture and buildings
  • Celebrations, traditions and customs
  • Landscapes and seascapes


  • Amateur


  • 2000s

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Title: BERWICKSHIRE TIMEWARP: A Study of Greenlaw

Reference number: 8256

Date: [between 1926 and 2000]

Director: [filmed by John V. Jackson]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: Non-Fiction

Running time: 18.13 mins

Description: An amateur compilation of footage relating to Greenlaw, Berwickshire. Includes the Greenlaw Fayre Day in 1998, including crowning of the Maid.

The film would probably originally have been screened with a live commentary, helping to further explain some of the history and context. Unfortunately the film preserved in the Scottish Screen Archive has no accompanying sound.

Credits: JJ Films 16mm.

This film could not have been made without the help of those who kindly allowed the use of their land and properties. Historical background was provided by Mrs Ishbel Coy. Thanks also to the Rev. Tom S. Nicholson, Minister at Greenlaw. Gordon Ledgerwood Westruther for his help. Mrs Trotter kindly provided the map of Greenlaw 1859. The Tweedale Press granted the use of the wartime photographs for this film

Shotlist: [shotlisted from timecoded VHS, manual timecode]

opening credits and title [BW] c/u town plan (0.43) [COL] views over town (1.26) exts ruined abbey (1.35) [mostly oof] c/u mediaeval paintings inside church (2.13) townscape and landscapes (2.51) c/u sign "Greenlaw Ancient County town of Berwickshire", gvs road (3.29) exts house with signs showing distances to various places ranging from Crieff and Abredeen to Falkirk and Glasgow (3.57) [oof] horses driving a carriage with men in top hats aboard (4.14) carriage, now at dusk, with sign reading 'Border Union'(4.45) [BW] pencil and crayon drawings and phots of horses and highwaymen in days gone by (5.08) exts house and roof [unid.], street including exts Blackadder Mini Market and Cross Keys pub (5.21) river (5.31) exts Greenlaw Town Hall (6.08) streets (6.19) exts stables (6.22) gvs architecture of Berwickshire, including exts Castle Inn Hotel, village green and square, farmland (7.12) exts church (7.56) ints church (8.14) c/u diagram "Collections made for good causes by Greenlaw Kirk Session [...]" (8.21) exts church (8.24) exts different building, Georgian architecture, with weathervane on roof (9.10) [BW] still image of locomotive 'LNER 2759' (9.17) [COL] c/u hand-drawn diagram featuring railway line Boswells > Gordon > Marchmont > Dunds > Edrom > Chirnside > Reston to join LNER main line to Berwick (9.29) [BW] stills of locomotives, including the Flying Scotsman (9.46) [COL] rural scenics showing where the railway line once was, now greened over, c/u stationmaster's house, exts village, gvs showing countryside where railway line once ran (11.24) [BW] stills of soldiers and puppet animation of aeroplanes during wartime (12.40) [COL] landscape, fields (12.44) still image of coronation celebrations in 1953, London (13.02) [BW] Queen Elizabeth II and minister during royal visit to Greenlaw (?) (13.10) exts domed building (13.15) animated spinning top (13.19) gvs c/u buildings and architecture including Mill Wynd (13.47) river scenics including caravan and tent (14.05) exts farm, outbuildings and siols (14.12) c/u sign "You're welcome to see what you can rescue" exts van "Greenlaw Antiques A. Brotherston" exts antiques shop (14.32) residential housing and street , shot of a garden full of furniture etc (15.08) Greenlaw Town Hall decked with red and white bunting, Scottish and English flags. Exts Castle Hotel (15.15) gvs crowning ceremony for the the Greenlaw Maid of 1998, minister makes speech and crowds look on (16.27) the Greenlaw Fayre Day continues, with the Maid riding in carriage, pipes and drums march ahead of the procession (16.46) exts Greenlaw Maid's house with flags and decorations, and a bouncy castle in the front garden (16.54) gvs stalls and marquee in village square (17.45) [BW] c/u map of Greenlaw, line drawings featuring manual farming methods eg ploughing and haymaking, steam powered agricultural machinery (18.23) [COL] agricultural landscape (19.24) still town hall (19.33) scenics (19.45) ecs (20.31)