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  • Berwickshire


  • Agriculture
  • Landscapes and seascapes


  • Amateur


  • 2000s

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Reference number: 8247

Date: 2001

Director: [filmed by Rev. John Jackson]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: Non-Fiction

Running time: 11.05 mins

Description: A scenic tour of the borderland around Berwickshire. Includes Kelso, Coldstream Bridge, the River Tweed and Berwick itself.

Note:- mostly scenic footage.

Handwritten information on original can label:- "H16 Flash flood. 16/5/01. B/H Crops. Seed Bed. 28/4/01. Hend Pk. New visitor point. Swinton Bell. Empty Fields. F&M Closure 2/5/01. Kelso S51 Designation Area. Mayfield 8/5/01. River at Wark 11/5/01. Vistas at Gordon 12/5/01. Oil Seed. Plane 18/5/01. Views overlooking Kelso 18/5/01. Gavinton? Gaunton? Vistas 21/5/01. Leithgle? Pink Ho 22/5/01. Spittal 22/5/01. H16 Flowers 4/5/01. Flowers 8/01. H16 Kelso Lights. 12 days shooting. 5 hrs editing. S-311. 2002 addition winter snow leading to Kelso Lights."

Shotlist: [shotlisted from VHS, manual timecode]

BORDERSCAPE (0.09) c/u rain falling hard on ground [Flash flood 16th May 2001]. Spring flowers, daffodils, tulips (0.46) snow covered rural landscape (1.27) Kelso Lights gvs Christmas lights at Kelso [very dark] (3.04) [daylight] gvs agricultural scenes, freshly ploughed fields (3.17) c/u brightly coloured floral displays beside road (3.47) Coldstream bridge and view of River Tweed (4.32) c/u belltower [unid.] (4.15) gvs farm and lands / fields surrounding (4.56) road mouth with sign reading "Foot and Mouth Disease Road Closed Except for Access" (5.03) gvs scenics, people going for a walk beside river - poss Coldstream area? (5.29) girder bridge into Berwick with traffic (5.42) gvs River Tweed, wildlife & birds, angler in river, farmhouse (6.37) view of town [unid. could be Berwick?] (6.47) river, swans (7.08) landscape, fields, farmhouse, unid. town (8.04) oil seed rape field (8.15) Kelso townscape bridge in foreground (8.40) panorama wide shots of rural landscape (9.21) c/u white cherry blossom, houses, cottages (9.52) gvs Berwick and harbour / beach / waves crashing on rocks - JJ Films 16mm. The End (11.05)