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  • Berwickshire


  • Celebrations, traditions and customs


  • Amateur


  • 2000s

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Reference number: 8243

Date: 2000c

Director: [filmed by Rev. John Jackson]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: Non-Fiction

Running time: 13.27 mins

Description: An amateur compilation of footage. Features a 'guessing game' where the viewer is asked to identify places featured on screen [around Berwickshire?]. Finishes with brief footage of the Chirnside Rally in June 2000, and an Open Day at Ladykirk Gardens.

Handwritten notes on original can A1903/8 reads:- "21/12/99 - 6/1/2000AD Millenium Reel Shots. Ber Bridge; Floodlit countryside & Duns Churches Lights; Whitsome Duns Coldstream Christmas Decor; Moon the Bug Hits; Where What etc; Rodger Mem Ch; Mill The Reason; C/Gil Road (Mast); Victoria Regina; Home Mem; 1964 PM; Leitholm; Fertillon?; Sinclairmill (Sprouston); City of Truro; Haudon Hill; Greenlaw '41; B17: Spit. The Coronation. Fibre Optic; Chimney Brick; Countryside tractor and vintage vehicle rally; M/cycles, Steam traction, Fowler; Lorries Western Riding, Clydesdales, Tractor Parade, Ladykirk Gardens Open Day July 23:
Seq. group 1: 21/12/99 - 6/1/2000
Seq. group II: 18/2/2000 - 28/3/2000
Seq. group III: 24/2 - 5/6/2000
Seq. group IV: 23 July 2000.
Bolex H-16T: Groups I, II, IV. B/H 70DE Group III. 3 days editing."

Shotlist: [shotlisted from VHS, manual control track]

JJ Films presentation. Millenium Shots in 16mm cine. JJ Films began in 1926. Film making stopped 1939 - 65. Resumed 1961 - 2000. Its work thus spans two centuries (0.19) looking out to sea, misty weather conditions. [very dark] floodlit scene, hard to discern but could be bridge (1.21) church lights, street lights and shop windows (3.06) gvs cars and lorries travelling along country road [some reverse action this is intentional] (3.25) JJ Films presentation in 16mm. Where am I? Where? What? Why? When? The film you can join in. (3.39) shot of clock on a building encased in scaffolding, clock, spinning top (3.54) street [unid.] spinning top (4.01) landscape scene, aerial? mast. spinning top (4.15) red letterbox in wall, spinning top (4.25) statue of unid. man. spinning top (4.42) gvs village scene, sheep grazing in field. spinning top (5.00) statue of a gull (?) spinning top (5.15) country scenes, houses and roads [unid]. spinning top (5.38) view over coastal town poss Berwick [railway viaduct] spinning top (6.07) b&w photograph ruined building (6.17) aircraft looks like wartime? spinning top (6.22) stills of aeroplane fighter and steam train. spinning top (6.43) c/u fibre optic (7.00) c/u brick stone (7.08) JJ Films presentation in 16mm countryside tractors rolling along (7.42) Chirnside Rally June 2000 gvs same tractors, steam roller, horses (10.11) JJ Films presentation in 16mm Ladykirk Gardens gvs same [Open Day 23rd July] gvs gardens, people milling about admiring garden on a summers day (13.23) The End (13.27)