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  • Berwickshire


  • Architecture and buildings
  • Celebrations, traditions and customs
  • Religion


  • Amateur
  • Religion


  • 2000s

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Title: LADYKIRK 500

Reference number: 8264

Date: 2000

Director: [filmed by Rev. John Jackson]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: Non-Fiction

Running time: 13.04 mins

Description: An amateur film marking the 500th anniversary of Ladykirk Church, Berwickshire, in the year 2000. Includes footage of a flower festival at the Church, and, very briefly, the village of Horndean.

Ladykirk Church was formerly known as The Kirk of Our Lady of the Steill.

Credits: O LORD HOW EXCELLENT IS THY NAME IN ALL THE EARTH. This film is dedicated to all who are part of the history of Ladykirk, and to those who in its 500 year by much effort marked the event.

Shotlist: [shotlisted from VHS, manual control track]

JJ Films presentation Millenium Shots in 16mm Cine. c/u celebration mug 'Ladykirk Church 1500 - 2000' LADYKIRK 500 (0.40) view of meandering river (1.15) ruins of church (1.35) exts Ladykirk Church (1.42) river (1.54) exts Ladykirk Church (2.09) view overlooking surrounding countryside and looking over to ruins nearby (2.29) c/u stained glass windows [some oof] (3.06) c/u stonework carvings of people exts Tudor palace (3.25) painting of man reading bible, naval battle galleons, aristocracy (3.44) exts unid. Georgian ? style estate house - whitewashed (3.50) still of soldiers in battle [BW] still images industrial period [COL c/u satellite dish (4.07) [COL] shot of agricultural machine spraying pesticide over crops in field (4.23) farmhouses (4.26 yellow oil seed rape field (4.38) exts farm buildings, cattle (4.55) exts Ladykirk Church (5.06) man painting wrought iron railings (5.13) c/u sign 'Ladykirk Flower Festival Sat 27th - Sun 28th - Mon 29th May (5.25) ints church, a hive of activity as people set up flowers and foliage (5.59) exts Ladykirk Church in the sunshine (6.17) ints church, flower arranging ongoing (6.30) exts candle / lamp with poppies around - possibly a memorial to war dead? (6.40) gvs and c/u various floral displays, historic records, photographs and artefacts related to the Church (7.52) lost of people enter the church or gather outside. (8.18) minister amd another man shake hands, a cup is presented (8.24) stone crucifix in church grounds (8.32) people enter church gates (9.01) c/u sign 'Ladykirk Flower Festival &tc as previous' (9.02) c/u paper order of service (9.17) exts house and garden full of flowers (9.33) gvs agricultural machinery including combine harvester, hay bales machine, wrapping the hay bales (10.17) exts fancy estate huge house and stables (10.56) c/u sign 'Horndean' gvs around village including exts "Century House rebuilt 1925" (11.47) gvs fiels, agric machinery - various. incl hay baler, combine harvester, pesticide sprayer etc thresher? (12.53) river, landscape gvs (13.36) stone cross again (13.54) ecs [shot of field, very dark exts Ladykirk Church by night](14.52)