A family scene from the 1960s. In a front room, a man enjoys a smoke and the elderly lady knits before we see the family sitting down to their evening meal. (clip)

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  • Ayrshire
  • Glasgow


  • Leisure and recreation


  • Amateur


  • 1960s

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Reference number: 7148

Date: 1962*/1963*/1964*/1965*/

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 36.01 mins

Description: Amateur footage of holidays and leisure activities of a family in the 1960s. Camping holidays to Carlisle, Gretna and Fife feature, as well as time spent at Butlins Holiday Camp in Ayr. The film also includes the launch of a ship (probably the QE2) at John Brown's yard in Clydebank, trips 'Doon the Watter' and driving over the newly opened Tay Road Bridge. There is also a rare glimpse into home life at Christmas, with the family eating their evening meal, enjoying a smoke by the fire and even cleaning the kitchen.

Shotlist: [no title] gvs a few tents rigged up in a field (0.17) man walking along roadside, carrying a bottle of Tizer (?) (0.22) gvs, a man starts cooking outside his tent - includes shot of a caravan and washing drying on a line (0.48) a baby fox (?) eats leftovers from dish (0.55) two toddlers stand outside tent (1.02) a man sits under tree, reading postcards (1.10) road junction in village - signs are for such places as Carlisle, Caldbeck, Cumdivock, Dardar... (1.17) exts Royal Air Force Base, Carlisle (1.34) exts Old Blacksmith's Shop, Gretna Green (1.49) man and boy sit on bench, canal in background (1.58) gvs farmyard, including hens, sheep and dog in field (2.51) gvs cattle yard, the farmer and his wife come out to chat to visitor. Includes shot of women with a handgun, she pretends to point and shoot (3.39) family feed horse at side of road (3.51) gvs campsite, children's playpark (4.13) Tolbooth [unid. location ](4.20) exts Anvers Service Station (4.32) gvs summer scenes at Glasgow Botanic Gardens (6.38) shot of John Brown & Co. shipyard , Clydebank (6.49) shot looking down street decorated with bunting and Union flags (6.57) gvs ship launch (probably the QE2?). Starts with shot of band playing on West Stand (8.23) shot of lady hanging out washing on windy day (8.37) ladies walking along streets lined with shops (9.21) [1963*] gvs Butlin's Holiday Camp, Ayr. Pool, fountains, cable cars, shot overlooking the complex to the sea beyond (10.17) man playing bagpipes walks along roadside (10.27) ints snooker hall (10.39) band playing, dance hall (10.45) rowing boats (10.55) roller skating, children playing on chute (11.18) gvs horse showjumping display 'Heads of Ayr Riding School' (12.09) ints cafeteria (12.30) families at sandpit (12.49) very brief interior, child at piano lesson (12.53) children in the paddling pool (13.06) gvs as people walk by the laundrette, including several Red Coats (13.30) kids board a model train (13.35) trampolining (13.58) children's playpark (14.06) [dark] very brief ints nursery (14.14) brief shot overlooking roller skating rink (14.30) shots of men sitting for the camera (14.45) exts house overlooking lake, men are in shot at times (15.37) gvs fairground (possibly approach to Dundee?) with rides, paddling pool (16.42) beachfront (16.54) and overlooking Tay (?) (17.12) men sitting on wall at golf course (17.28) gvs campsite (18.12) game of bowls (18.37) gvs campsite beside Loch (19.10) gvs landscape, man cycling (19.25) a convoy of cars (Minis?) drive along road at Arrochar. gvs landscape (20.02) very busy putting green (unid?) (20.14) seafront (unid?) (20.29) gvs boat trip 'Doon The Watter', passing Dunoon, Rothesay (22.28) shot of accordion band playing on deck (22.46) various shots of family, the final one a more formal pose (23.38) tracking shot of street from moving car (23.47) gvs landscape, possibly Stirlingshire, with Wallace Monument just visible (?) (24.02) elderly lady reading paper in garden, and posing for camera with her two grandsons (?) (24.23) gvs Tay Road Bridge, recently opened - there are flags decorating it and some workmen still working at one end (25.38) gvs another trip 'Doon the Watter', starting with very brief shot submarine in water. Includes shots at Keppel Pier for Millport (26.53) elderly lady in public gardens (27.05) DOON THE WATTER gvs boarding the 'Caledonia' at Craigendoran Pier. The ship sets off, as the pipes and drums on board play (28.54) disembarking and seafront at (?) (30.03) wooden motor powered boats approach pier (30.14) further seafront and harbour scenes (30.55) THAT'L DAE THAT ints front room at Christmas-time, a man puts on a record, and they sit down to enjoy tea and cakes in front of the fire. One man has a smoke and the elderly lady knits (32.35) the family sit down to their evening meal (32.21) three people sitting chatting and having a smoke in the front room (34.00) elderly lady cleaning her kitchen, including metal kettle and units (34.17) family sitting in the front room reading (35.08) elderly lady sitting in chair having a snooze, she awakes and reads the 'Sunday Post' newspaper. She goes to her writing bureau to check some letters (35.58) THE END (36.01)