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Reference number: 1582

Date: 1960

Director: filmed by Gabriel Donald

Sound: sound

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 23.45 mins

Description: A sail down the River Clyde on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Glasgow and West of Scotland Mission to the Outdoor Blind.

Credits: Glasgow and West of Scotland Mission to the Out-Door Blind 1860 - 1960 presents ...

Shotlist: Credits (0.41); A sail down the River Clyde on the 100th anniversary of the Founding of the Mission. Steamer "Queen Mary II" at the Broomielaw. Shots down river. General views of "Queen Mary II" decked out for the special trip (1.37); Blind people and friends boarding the steamer. Provisions loaded on board. Close-up of passengers. Shots on deck. Crew cast off (3.42); Leaving the quay. Shots behind to the bridges over the Clyde and general views of vessels along the river. (4.43); Shots of shipyards and vessels under construction (5.09); The paddle steamer "Waverley" passes (5.28); More shots of the shipyards (5.37); Renfrew ferry lands. Puffer crosses (5.57); General views of vessels and landscape. Shots as steamer approaches Princes Pier? More passengers come on board (7.15); Shots of the "Carinthia" lying at anchor in the Firth of Clyde (7.51); General views of steamer under way and shots of landscape. Shots of Loch Goil. Shots as steamer approaches pier. General views of Lochgoilhead (9.09); The passengers disembark (10.11); General views of village as people walk to the park. Brief shot volunteer communicating with elderly lady. Shots of "Queen Mary II" at pier. (11.01); Platform for concert party being erected (11.06); The people are served a meal in the Pavilion (11.13); They take their places on forms around the platform (11.58); The concern party performs [no synchronised sound] General views of audience and performers; shot two elderly ladies sharing gossip, couple communicate animatedly (14.00); Local youngster and older members of party race (14.57); race in tandem with sighted friends. General views of spectators. Three legged race. People blow up balloons in a race to burst them (16.50); Some men have a go at "beating the goalie" (17.27); General views of the park. Close-ups of people enjoying the sunshine (19.19); The party make their way back to the pier. General views as they embark (19.55); "Queen Mary II" leaves. General views on deck. General views of Loch Goil (20.58); General views of river traffic and Clyde yards on the way back up river. Shots of seagulls. Shots of people as they dance on the deck to accordion music (23.41); The End (23.45)