SEA ROAD TO THE ISLES: To Oban and Fort William, the

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  • Argyllshire
  • Inner Hebrides


  • Leisure and recreation
  • Water and waterways


  • Amateur
  • Travelogue


  • 1960s

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Title: SEA ROAD TO THE ISLES: To Oban and Fort William, the

Reference number: 8804

Date: 1964 - 1966

Director: filmed by Don McLachlan

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 52.06 mins

Description: A compilation of footage from holiday trips on the motor yacht 'Marona' around the Western Isles. The McLachlan family and friends travel from the Crinan Canal to Oban, Fort William, Tobermory, Coll, Staffa, Iona, Canna and Skye

.Not to be confused with refs. 8675 and 8805.

Don McLachlan was a keen amateur cameraman who began filming in 1935, firstly on 16mm reversal, then later on video. An engineer, keen sailor and family man, he recorded many aspects of his life, but rarely his working life. He died in December 2003.

Shotlist: [shot-listed from mini DV - manual control track]

title - Photographed by Don McLachlan. - map with pointer showing route through Crinan Canal - gvs of Margaret McLachlan on board motor yacht Shelagh in Ardrishaig harbour, going ashore on dinghy - shots of crowd at harbourside at Ardrishaig, diver climbing down ladder into canal lock, boats in lock as it fills - shots of Marona and other boats in Ardrishaig harbour and Crinan Canal, shots of Margaret and friends on board, Fiona and Erskine Johnston, Colin McLachlan - shot of Marona coming through lock and sailing along canal with other boats - shots going through locks at Cairnbaan and Bellanoch - shots sailing along canal towards Crinan - gvs of yachts and motor yachts in harbour at Crinan - high shot of sea lock and hotel, gvs of yachts in harbour (8.22) gvs from Marona sailing out from Crinan, passing Easdale - shots approaching Oban - gvs yachts in bay, McLachlans in dinghies, Connel Bridge in distance - gvs of Marona moored in bay, Colin and Erskine working on board - shots from Marona passing under Connel Bridge, sailing up Loch Etive (12.17) c/u of map with pointer showing route into Loch Creran and on through the Corran Narrows - shots from Marona at sea, passing tidal flow - passing shot of Creagan Viaduct - gvs sailing along loch, mountains in distance - sailing towards Corran Narrows and lighthouse - shots approaching Fort William, Colin and Erskine on deck - shots of Colin in dinghy (14.58) gvs of busy car park in Fort William, main street - l/s of Marona moored in bay, dinghy approaching - shots sailing on loch - fishing boats passing - gvs of Corpach paper mill and approach to Caledonian Canal lock at Corpach - shots sailing back down Loch Linnhe, cross tides at Corran Narrows - gvs of Marona moored in bay (17.31) map with pointer showing route down Loch Linnhe - gvs of yachts moored in Tobermory Bay, puffer 'Shapinsay' passing - shots of Marona at anchor off Tobermory, family relaxing on board (19.12) THE INNER ISLANDS - map with pointer showing route to Coll - shots of Marona at sea, Don at wheel - shots of Marona anchored in bay - gvs of Arinagour on Coll, McLachlans and Johnstons walking along street, going into bar - shots of McLachlans and friends on bicycles and in Ford Anglia in countryside - gvs of beach and ruined castle - gvs landscape, tracking shots from car, Fiona and Erskine cycling, picnic at roadside, beach and coast gvs, rockpools - l/s of 'Marona' written in sand - more tracking shots from car along single track road - gvs of crofts and small bay, coastline (25.17) map with pointer showing route to Staffa and Iona - shots from Marona at sea passing Treshnish Isles - shots approaching Staffa - shots of Marona at anchor, dinghy approaching Staffa - shots approaching Staffa and on island, in Fingal's Cave - l/s Marona at anchor - Colin and friend on board, raising anchor, sailing away from Staffa - passing Dutchman's Cap and approaching Iona, coastline and abbey - shots of McLachlans on shore, queue at grocer's van at jetty - gvs of Baile Mor village and abbey, steamer and other boats off shore - shot of McLachlans returning to Marona on dinghy - shots from Marona at sea, approaching village and jetty - shots sailing through rough sea, approaching Rhum and Canna, approaching jetty on Canna with graffiti on cliff face - gvs of boats at anchor in bay - gvs of bay, Sanday island and Rhum, Margaret getting into dinghy and sailing around Marona in bay (34.03) shots from Marona in rough sea, approaching harbour at Mallaig - c/u of map with pointer showing route - shots on board Marona at anchor in loch, Colin's friend filming with cine camera - shots from Marona as she heads back out to sea, approaching Mallaig - shots of Marona at Mallaig harbour, flocks of seagulls on pier - gvs of harbour and fishing boats - [black leader] (37.22) shots from Marona passing Eilean Ban lighthouse, sailing up Sound of Jura - gvs on board Marona at sea and in bay - gvs of Marona at anchor on loch, village and cars in foreground - [black leader] (39.48) shots from Marona at sea, coastline, passing ferry - shots passing through narrow channel - gvs of coastline - shots approaching and leaving small jetty - shots on Loch Alsh, fishing boat passing - gvs of Mallaig harbour - shots of Colin in dinghy off Portree harbour, gvs of harbour, Marona and other boats at anchor - gvs ashore at Portree, street and harbour scenes, Royal Hotel, gvs of harbour from above - [black leader] (44.22) shots from Marona of motor yacht on rough sea, passing lighthouses - gv of small bay, boats at anchor - coming ashore on dinghy, gvs of sheep, cottage - shots of Colin and older man using cine cameras - shots from Marona at sea, McLachlans sitting down to meal on board - shots at sea, passing Ardnamurchan lighthouse, washing dishes, steamer passing - more shots at sea, coastline gvs - shots of motor yachts anchored in bay and at sea - shots inside wheelhouse, family friends on board - sunset shot of motor yacht - THE END - [black leader] (50.50) shots of Marona berthed in narrow channel at village, Colin and friend on board (52.06)