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Reference number: 4650

Date: 1969*

Production company: Mouat Movies

Sound: silent

Original format: std. 8mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 28.11 mins

Description: Tour around Ayrshire including Burns Cottage, Glen Trool, Culzean Castle and the Queen Mother opening Prestwick Airport.

Carnegie Library has already had it transferred to video. (Library Ref :- JC/KM/)

Shotlist: Title and opening credit (0.12) Statue of Robert Burns on white plinth. Ext. Burns cottage. C/u plaque 'BURNS COTTAGE. ROBERT BURNS THE AYRSHIRE POET was born in this cottage on the 23rd of JAN A.D. 1759, died 21st JULY A.D. 1796, aged 37 1/2 YRS'. Gravestone William and Agnes Burns outside church (0.57) Small viaduct bridge over river (1.12) Sheep and lambs in field (1.33) Car parked on country road, sign 'Dunure' (1.45) View through rocky pass to seashore. Silhouette rocky coastline (3.10) Fishing boats in (Girvan?) harbour, pan coastline. Silhouette of ship offshore. Seagull flying in harbour, fishing boats moored (5.26) Sign, 'THE NATIONAL TRUST FOR SCOTLAND. CULZEAN CASTLE & GROUNDS. ADMISSIONS.' Gvs Culzean Castle and grounds (5.59) Gardens and Swan Lake. gvs trees and flowers in gardens (7.19) Elderly lady passing sign 'Swan Cottage - Private'. Gvs Swan Lake (7.41) Children on sea-saw. Two ladies walking through Castle archway. Gvs grounds and view onto shore (8.44) A DAY AT GLEN TROOL Pan field with logs beside tree (9.00) Elderly couple disembark from car and stand beside shore, standing beside rapids (9.39) Couple walking around large house, then into gardens (10.14) Rapids. Silhouette of river and landscape. Waterfall. Silhouette of trees, river and mountain in distance (11.35) COME TO THE FAIR Fairground at dusk (possibly on Ayr or Troon seafront?), attractions are lit up. Gvs rides including waltzers (12.15) Sign 'Smith's Television Favourites'. Large carousel with horses, smaller one with vehicles for children (12.48) Sign in background 'Cadona's'. Flashing lights and aerial rides. Pan fairground as it gets darker. Ferris wheel (14.32) Ext. the Ghost train, people departing from ride (14.51) Cottage in snowy landscape, pan scenery. Sign 'Ministry of Aviation Scottish Air Traffic Control Centre Scottish Area Communication Centre. R.A.F. Signals Centre Redbrae' (15.33) Pan large hotel, mock tudor frontage. Cars parked outside (15.47) C/u man on telephone, Gvs int. office, various machines printing out strips of punched paper (some sort of telegram / computer?), telephone exchange (16.46) Brief pan ext. Prestwick terminal building (17.03) Gvs staff int. office - this is possibly air traffic control centre (manually operated) (11.43) Sign 'PRESTWICK AIRPORT ENTRANCE TERMINAL BUILDING HOTEL & RESTAURANT' Gvs three people departing building, walking on small garden (18.28) Watching aeroplane take off. Ext. air traffic control tower (18.52) Int. tower, gvs people at work (19.27) Gvs various aeroplanes taking off and landing. People departing from aircraft via stairs. Red Esso fuel truck beside Scandinavian Airways jumbo jet. Departing passengers walking towards terminal. People watch the aircraft arriving and taxiing from balcony where they enjoy a drink at a table (22.59) Man in red cap boarding aircraft, ascending stairs at front. Aircraft departs (23.44) Gvs int. Prestwick airport terminal building. (Appears to be finishing construction phase, workmen are seen putting the finishing touches to the building). Sign for airway check-in stands, Scottish Express, SAS, Caledonian Airways. Lounge (24.29) Queen Mother standing on raised plinth. She officially opens airport, large crowd inside terminal. Queen Mother exits terminal and enters waiting black car (25.57) Two women walking in aircraft terminal. Shop sign 'Scottish Crafts'. Past check in desk for Air Canada (26.42) C/u electric fire, pan up to clock and picture above mantlepiece. Lady and man having tea in room with several paintings. Quick pan plain bedroom (27.36) Ext. silhouette view of rooftops during sunset, pan skyline (28.12) The End (28.11)