Gordon Banks saves twice from Denis Law, before Jim McCalliog scores Scotland’s third goal against England at Wembley in 1967. (clip)

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Reference number: 6813

Date: 1967

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 39.51 mins

Description: Highlights of England v Scotland match at Wembley in 1967. Scotland win 3-2, defeating the reigning world champions.

Credits: comm. Hugh Johns, (Billy Wright)

Shotlist: L/s brass band on pitch, camera zooms in to players shaking hands, various officials and cameramen on pitch. Scotland players in line up (0.06) Scotland. Simpson. Gemmell. Greig. McKinnon. McCreadie. Bremner. McCalliog. Baxter. Wallace. Law. Lennox. (0.45) England players in line up England. Banks. Cohen. J. Charlton. Moore. Wilson. Stiles. R. Charlton. Peters. Ball. Greaves. Hurst. (1.18) pan vast crowd (1.28) gvs match in play, Scotland playing in dark shirts, right to left (2.59) Bobby Moore passes back to Gordon Banks who picks up ball. (3.21) jumpcut, gvs match in play. (4.03) foul by John Greig on Geoff Hurst, closer view players. (4.12) gvs match in play (5.42) corner to Scotland, gvs match in play (7.02) Billy Bremner hits ball high over the England crossbar (7.27) Jimmy Greaves handball, gvs match. Scotland almost score (8.19) crowd (8.21) gvs match (9.00) Jack Charlton helped off pitch, gvs match (10.00) Geoff Hurst shoots, Ronnie Simpson saves, gvs match (11.22) Scotland penalty claim turned down, gvs match (11.55) Bobby Charlton shoots over bar, gvs match (12.10) Billy Bremner tries to lob ball over Gordon Banks in England goal, gvs match (13.26) crowd (13.28) gvs match (14.04) Dennis Law scores for Scotland (14.14) England 0 Scotland 1 players celebrate (14.27) England restart match (14.39) crowd (14.41) gvs match (15.22) Willie Wallace shoots over bar for Scotland, gvs match (17.09) Jack Charlton header saved by Ronnie Simpson, gvs match (17.47) crowd (17.49) gvs match (18.04) Law and Banks collide in England penalty box, gvs match (19.03) crowd (19.05) England corner kick gvs match (19.39) referee blows for half time (19.41) England 0 Scotland 1 players walking off (19.56) England kick off second half (20.03) England 0 Scotland 1 (20.07) gvs match (20.40) Billy Bremner shoots just wide for Scotland, Gordon Banks takes goal kick, Gordon Banks saves from the feet of Dennis Law (21.53) England almost score through Jack Charlton but Simpson saves on goal line. Gvs match (23.36) Jimmy Greaves shoots straight at Simpson, play is pulled back for Scotland free kick as Greaves was offside. Gvs match (25.10) Tommy Gemmell shoots just wide (25.11) crowd (25.14) Gvs match, Scotland dominating (27.25) Bobby Lennox hits side-netting (27.26) crowd (27.27) gvs match (28.00) England corner, crowd (28.03) free kick against Jim Baxter, c/u players and referee (28.44) free kick England, John Greig heads Jack Charlton header off line, crowd (28.55) McCreadie shoots just wide for Scotland, gvs match (30.06) Simpson catches Greaves cross, gvs match (30.29) Scotland corner, crowd (30.33) Ball handles for Scotland free kick, he fouls again for another free kick. Gvs match as Scotland pressurize. (32.44) crowd (32.46) Gvs match (34.13) free kick to Scotland (34.52) Lennox scores, Scotland players and fans celebrate (35.09) gvs match (35.53) crowd (35.55) gvs match (36.12) Jack Charlton scores for England (36.30) England 1 Scotland 2 Charlton limps away with ball (36.41) crowd (36.44) gvs match (36.57) Gordon Banks saves from Dennis Law (36.58) crowd (37.00) gvs match (37.27) Jim McCalliog scores for Scotland (37.44) England 1 Scotland 3 Scottish crowd and players celebrate (38.07) Scotland player takes off with ball as England prepare to restart game (38.51) Geoff Hurst scores for England with header (39.03) England 2 Scotland 3 (39.15) gvs match (39.27) end of match, players sha§ke hands, Scotland players celebrate and photographers run onto pitch (39.47) England 2 Scotland 3, brass band on pitch, twin towers of Wembley visible (39.51)