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Reference number: 5156

Date: 1969

Director: w. & d. & p. Austin Campbell

Production company: Document Productions Limited

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 53.28 mins

Description: Documentary following Jackie Stewart through his first World Championship year in 1969. Interviews with Stewart, his wife and father discuss his attitude to racing and how his life has adjusted to its demands.

Credits: nar. Douglas Rain
ph. Charles Stewart, Ernest Vincze, Gordon Coull
ass.ph. Ivan Strasburg
ed. Barbara Morgan
ass. ed. Fiona Gillespie
sd. Frederick Sharp, Derek Rye
m. Ewan McColl, Peggy Seeger
dub. Mike Billing

Shotlist: ocs (0.45) ls Jackie Stewart (JS) standing river, fishing; c/u JS (1.07) c/u drivers faces in helmets (1.26) Iv Jackie Stewart, he speaks about how he began racing, intercut with shots of JS on holiday (2.58) Iv Ken Tyrrell (4.15) gvs Jackie Stewart practice at Monte Carlo (5.37) JS gives a guided tour of Monte Carlo route, tracking shots of route while JS narrates from driving seat (9.16) JS asks permission from traffic policeman to continue through a section of the route blocked to traffic, in broken French (9.41) further shots of route (10.09) gvs crowded Monte Carlo restaurant, band in b/ground (11.03) gvs Monte Carlo nightlife; JS and his wife, Helen (HS) stroll along the street at night, intercut with young people in luxury cars (11.57) pan from sea view along street outside hotel, taken from window (12.23) ints. JS dressing for race; he speaks about the attitude he adopts to racing (13.41) ints. JS walks along corridor of hotel (14.04) exts. JS and wife walk to race; Stewart signs autographs at start (14.46) c/u spectators; gvs JS making his way through photographers and well-wishers (15.36) c/u Helen Stewart saying farewell to JS at the track; c/us JS climbing into car (17.04) footage of race [occasional spectators can be seen standing on unprotected corners] (19.49) JS in pit, discussing breakdown with Tyrrell (20.33) Finish line, chequered flag drops; Graham Hill is met with a magnum of champagne (20.55) ints. victor dancing to light pop music at post-race party, brief c/u band (21.14) JS catching TWA flight; aircraft takes off. Shots Air France jet landing, JS disembarks in Geneva (22.43) ls house; ms HS and son leave car and enter house (23.20) ms JS taking phone call (23.32) gvs Stewart family playing in garden during magazine photo shoot (24.14) ints. JS dictating correspondence to male secretary; JS reads out a letter from a 73-year old fan (26.24) blank, leader (26.30) ls parachutist; gvs teams prepare before Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort; c/u Graham Hill; c/u Jochen Rindt; c/u JS in car (27.20) c/u woman in national dress; ls starting grid; (27.43) gvs race (28.30) ms Jochen Rindt, walking away from his broken down car; race officials and photographers crowd around car (28.52) further gvs race; c/u Tyrrell; Stewart crossing finish line (29.41) low angle ms Stewart on podium as national anthem plays (30.00) JS walking with his father; shot of Mr Stewart's garage (30.24) Iv Mr Stewart speaking about his son, intercut with JS playing squash (32.44) JS leaves the house (33.04) Iv with Mrs Stewart in v/o, gvs HS walking through house, pausing reflectively in different rooms (31.49) gvs preparations for the French Grand Prix (36.38) race start; gvs race (38.19) JS crosses the finish line; Stewart drinks from magnum bottle of champagne, amidst crowd of well-wishers and police, showers crowd with Moet; JS on car waving to crowds (39.08) ints. Stewart and wife at airport (39.32) ints. Stewart facing mirror, being fitted for a suit; HS v/o speaks about advising her husband about clothes (40.35) gvs British Grand Prix at Silverstone, commentary v/o (43.02) Iv Mr Stewart (43.23) JS is wreathed; iv Stewart (43.56) gvs racing, German Grand Prix, Nuerburgring (45.43) c/u JS speaking to man about the car's performance (46.49) pan over graveyard and church; c/u Jim Clarke's gravestone (47.29) shot of racing (47.45) Iv JS speaks about the benefits of wealth (49.08) ls JS running in tracksuit (49.34) gvs Monza, shots of drivers pulling down visors before start, spectators craning to see cars passing; gvs racing (52.01) finish line; JS holds up the silver trophy cup, drinks champagne from the cup before jostling crowds of spectators (53.01) ecs (53.28)