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The last working days of General Terminus Quay in Glasgow - cranes unload iron ore at the quayside for transportation by rail to the steelworks of Lanarkshire. Copyright: Corus Group Ltd. (clip)

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Reference number: 6109

Date: 1982c

Director: d. Frank Black

Sponsor: British Steel

Production company: Tubes Division Film Unit

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 9.22 mins

Description: The process of transferring iron ore from ships docked at General Terminus Quay on the Clyde, and at Hunterston, on the Firth of Clyde. The ore was destined for use in steelworks and shipbuilding yards.

Credits: ph. John Clarke
w. Frank Black
A Tubes Division Film Unit Production for BSC Archives

Shotlist: pan right to left across Firth of Clyde, finishing with shot of Hunterston (0.13) gvs ore being unloaded from ship 'Atlantic Splendour' by crane (0.29) title (0.34) gvs General Terminus Quay, an ore terminal situated on south bank of River Clyde, featuring shots of storage bunker and three unloaders (1.32) shot of conveyor belt spanning main road (2.27) a driver operates unloader, transferring ore from the ship 'Sugar Transporter' into hopper (various angles) (3.35) gvs ore being loaded onto conveyor belt, and transported to No. 1 Junction Tower (4.07) shot as ore passes through various crushing belts in order to refine further (4.46) gvs conveyors, a man takes samples of ore for inspection, shovelling it into a small sack (5.24) further shots ore on conveyor, hand controlled amounts of ore are discharged into bunkers (5.54) ints such bunker showing a scale car which discharges ore into wagon hoppers below (6.39) exts the last freight train [No. 08851] to travel between General Terminus Quay and steelworks before transfer of work to Hunterston (7.15) gvs ore handling facilities at Hunterston, unloading and conveying of ore, general montage (8.01) gvs ore storage facilities at Hunterston (one truck has 'Babcock Mosey' written on side), intercut with gvs smaller General Terminus Quay (8.37) ecs (8.53) gvs General Terminus Quay at dusk (9.22)