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Reference number: 3789

Date: 1985

Director: d. Ian Venart, Charlie Tracy, Ian Miller, Mandy Merrick, Alistair McCallum, Ken Currie

Production company: Cranhill Films

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 32.23 mins

Description: Using music and images the history of the people of Glasgow set against scenes of demolition, unemployment and industrial wasteland.

Shot by members of local arts and community group in the Cranhill district of Glasgow in 1984. Premiered in Moscow at the World Festival of Youth and Students. Shown at May Day, Glasgow, and in GFT December 1985. Developed ideas from earlier film shot on 8mm GLASGOW 1984 [see ref. 3790], and inspired by LET GLASGOW FLOURISH (1956) [see ref. 1721].

Credits: w., p., ed. and d. by CRANHILL FILMS: Ian Venart, Charlie Tracy, Ian Miller, Mandy Merrick, Alistair McCallum & Ken Currie
with Carol McDonald, Rob McTear, John Cannon, Marcus Brennan and featuring Jamie Tracey, Thomas Tracey and Mandy Merrick
cam. Stephen O'Donnell.
Made in association with Scottish Film Production Fund, Scottish Film Training Trust, Cranhill Arts Project. Colour by Kay Labs. [long list of thanks follows]
m. 'I Belong to Glasgow' - adapted and sung by Gordina McCulloch, 'The Fairfield Crane' and 'The Shuttle Rins' (trad) sung by Gordina McCulloch, 'The Old Man's Song' by Alex Glasgow sung by Arthur Johnstone, 'Bandiera Rossa' (trad) sung by Tony Patten.

Shotlist: Title and pan across Glasgow cityscape (0.56) Gv's demolition machinery in action on tenements, industrial sites and riverside areas (to sound track of ironical adaptation of 'I Belong to Glasgow') Shots infill of riverside docks area (3.49) Gv's high rise, multi storey flats, council housing boarded up and derelict, empty factories and industrial wasteland.(6.25) Glasgow city coat of arms in stone of tenement. Montage of old maps, drawings of city intercut with water in spate and stonemasons working on wording ‘Let Glasgow flourish’. Montage and intercut sequences: history of Glasgow early textile industry through drawings and plans (under song The Shuttle Rins) (9.00) Industrial revolution and 19th and 20th century industrial images, war scenes, 'Red Clydeside' and the depression (under song The Old Man's Song) (14.15) Montage sequence of photos and archive film sponsored by Glasgow Corporation (OUR HOMES and PROGRESS REPORT) of post war council housing intercut with contemporary footage of council high rise flats and homes boarded up, in delapidated state and rubbish strewn surroundings (18.15) riverside, docks and industrial areas desolate and empty (19.33) demolition on site [to become Glasgow Garden Festival 1988] young man walks through the site, into the Unemployment office, collects dole, and at home spends afternoon watching television (with sound track of advert for consumer items and local employment schemes). (24.00) Glasgow city in the gloaming, and by night; river at sunset, cranes silhouetted again sunset (25.35) Poster printing press turning out poster with legend ‘Let Glasgow Flourish’. Gvs nursery, schoolchildren and public. Workplace scenes (under song Bandiera Rossa)(28.22) Trade Union march, marchers in George Square at public meeting. (29.40) m riverscape, cityscape pan (30.18) ecs (32.23)