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Reference number: 6009

Date: 1960, June 25

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 14.09 mins

Description: General views of Easterhouse as the children walk to the buses for the outing to Strathaven. The convoy of buses, picnic area, games, and races. Tea, scotch pies and fizzy drinks are handed out to the children.

Shotlist: Trips to Strathaven. (0.05) 'Outing to Strathaven' tickets lying on grass, more are thrown on ground (0.14) c/u school sign with red triangle and children crossing on it (0.17) two girls walk past carrying paper streamers (0.23) side view of flats and people on their balconies (0.26) gvs people in communal grass area between flats (0.32) women and children carrying bags and coats (0.37) buses arrive (0.45) c/u smiling families before boarding (0.57) red Irvine's bus with Airdrie on destination board, line of buses (1.06) pan rear view families waiting, dressed in summery clothes, occasional glimpse at camera (1.40) younger children acting up for camera (1.50) baby with balloon (1.57) gvs families walking and boarding buses (2.37) green bus with 'Dulux Du-lite' on side, children boarding (2.55) woman carrying paper streamers (3.04) child waving streamers out of window (3.18) driver climbs in bus, c/u depressing handbrake, foot on pedal (3.29) bus convoy departs, double deckers led by single decker (3.35) women waving (3.43) tracking shot from upper deck of convoy (3.52) int. shot of family passengers smiling, child looking out of window (4.36) brief tracking shot front of green 'Chieftain' bus (4.39) baby passenger asleep in mother's arms (4.47) pass cyclists (4.50) boys standing on bus ledge at back, holding pole (4.56) and so to Strathaven. (5.00) pan shot families disembarking from buses (5.25) families making way towards playing fields (5.45) families walking down path past camera in park (6.20) gvs large crowds of families, children smiling at camera (6.52) small boys running towards rope, crowds at side (7.05) small girls running (7.18) boys race, gvs crowd (7.25) small girls race, one girl to left crying (7.29) gvs women (7.40) boy eating ice lolly (7.47) slightly older boys race, gvs crowd (8.03) families in deckchairs eating ice lollies (8.18) men talking and smoking (8.24) small girl chewing lolly stick (8.28) man blowing up balloon (8.36) girls eating ice lollies, girls blowing up balloons (8.48) elderly man blowing up balloon, lets it go and it flies about (8.57) gvs people (9.03) girls guzzling soft drink bottle (9.05) women carrying balloons between their legs and balancing plates on head, to much hilarity (9.21) gvs families (9.29) man walking with balloon between legs (9.41) couple lying in sun (9.46) people relaxing (9.55) women skipping (10.05) small boys eating and watching (10.09) view from ground of mother's running (10.14) man blowing whistle (10.16) rear view women running (10.22) men performing wheelbarrow race (10.33) women's 3-legged race (10.42) gvs people (10.52) men carrying baskets full of white cups (10.59) trays of scotch pies from Beattie's Bakeries (11.13) pan shot children seated (11.34) pies being handed out and eaten, children laughing whilst eating (12.05) boy slugging soft drink bottle, gvs seated people eating (12.34) nurse feeding small girl (12.42) tea being poured from large urn into teapot, pouring cups of tea (12.57) children drinking bottled soft drinks with straw (13.10) Barr's bottles in wooden crates, label hard to identify (Orange Krush). Gvs bottles being handed out and children drinking (13.38) hands picking up bottle tops, gvs discarded cups, trays etc being tidied up (13.55) children lined up at waters (13.58) small boys in red paddle boat (14.00) small train going backwards, children on board (14.04) The End (14.09)