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Reference number: 7755

Date: 1963

Director: filmed by Mr Coleman Dec'd or Lanark Cine Club

Sound: silent

Original format: std. 8mm

Colour: col

Fiction: Non-Fiction

Running time: 24.44 mins

Description: A compilation of community and sporting events in Carnwath, including an agricultural show, Sunday School outing, school sports days and bowling competitions.

[Please note the viewing copy may display some visible defects such as flicker.]

Shotlist: [shotlisted from mini DV - manual control track]

AGRICULTURAL SHOW - shots of men in showground grooming Clydesdale horses in preparation for show - shots of farmers displaying sheep for judges in pen - farmers grooming sheep and judges inspecting them - shots of young horse rider eating ice cream, Clydesdale horses, balloons, male runners limbering up and racing - shots of children's races and judges (2.10) shots of procession around showground led by pipe band, farmers leading pedigree cattle, children leading calves, farmers with Clydesdale horses, children on ponies - gvs of showground - shots of show-jumping competition and onlookers, ponies being groomed - gvs of prize-winning sheep in pen, c/u shot of prize ticket - shots of dogs being displayed by owners in pen (5.08) shot of combine harvester at Carnwath Agricultural Engineering Co. display - shots of young Highland dancers practising, crowds in the showground - int shots of flower show in marquee, floral displays on tables (5.54) SUNDAY SCHOOL OUTING - shots of outing to Strathaven: teachers and children playing on lawn with ball, ring-a-roses - shots of girls and boys running around on grass - shots of children having picnic on grass, posing for camera - shots of running races for children and teachers (8.14) SCHOOL SPORTS - shots on sports field, primary school children running races, eating ice cream - shots of three-legged race, woman braiding girl's hair, teacher writing on scoreboard - shots of sack races, high jump - [break] (10.19) more shots of events: girls' three-legged race, boys' sack race - gvs of bowling green, shots of women playing bowls - c/u shots of trophies on table, group shots of lady bowlers and presentation of trophies - shots of mixed bowling matches, onlookers at clubhouse - shot of trophies on table followed by presentation ceremony, speeches and applause - brief shot of older man dancing around with his trophy - [break] (14.49) gvs of crowds gathered outside bowling green clubhouse on windy day - shots of lady starting bowling match - gvs of bowling green with various matches in progress (16.41) LADIES DAY - gvs of bowling green with ladies' matches in progress (19.05) THE PRIZE WINNERS - under-exposed shots outside clubhouse of trophy presentation ceremony - RED HOSE WINNER - shots on sports field of awards ceremony: male runner receiving prize of a pair of red hose for the Red Hose Race, group of winners, children receiving prizes - shot of group of prize-winners walking down road (21.44) SHOW DAY - shots of show-jumping competition - shots of sheepdog trials in field - shots of children displaying dogs for judging - shots of children trying to ride on donkeys, one donkey trying to throw rider off - shots of dogs being displayed and judged - shots of sack-throwing event, gvs of showground, shot of woman selling 'black-face' balloons - shot of young highland dancers on stage - shots of pony obstacle races (24.44)