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  • Glasgow Corporation


  • 1950s

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Reference number: 5636

Date: 1954*

Sponsor: Corporation of Glasgow Education Committee

Production company: Campbell Harper Films Ltd, Edinburgh

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 29.51 mins

Description: Overview of the educational facilities provided for children of Glasgow at primary, secondary and specialist schools in the city.

See also ref. 1961

Credits: cam. Gordon Mackay

Shotlist: ecs c/u orchestra playing in school hall (0.45) c/u old photograph from 1910's (1.00) int empty old classroom accompanying children singing time table (1.32) c/u Royal Penny copy books (1.36) view old classroom (1.56) plaque reading 'Leithland Road School opened by Major Edwin Donaldson, Convener of the Education Committee' (2.06) pan shot new school with housing in b/ground (2.20) gvs Leithland school compared with old style, including large windows instead of gothic (2.55) int classroom, children lifting furniture, stacking chairs (3.16) washrooms with basins the correct height for children (3.27) infant room, children in front of class holding up cut out words (one small boy in kilt), using plasticine to make letters (4.21) children learning numbers by stringing beans together (5.14) school gymnasium, children skipping, dancing and expressing freedom of movement (5.27) morning milk interval, children drinking third of a pint of milk (5.49) cooks preparing school meals (6.20) delivery drivers handling prepared school meals (6.43) school dining room, children saying Grace. Dinner ladies serving custard (7.27) teacher writing on blackboard about Mary Queen of Scots, pupils raising hands, one small boy comes to the front of the class and points to a location on the map (7.52) demonstration of broadcast lessons using loudspeaker in classroom (8.23) girl reading French into a reel to reel tape recorder which the teacher is operating. Teacher rewinds tape and plays back the recording to class (9.19) teacher operating film projector in darkened classroom for the showing of educational films. Teacher pointing at images on film strip on screen (9.54) brief shot ext Kelvingrove Art Gallery (9.56) museum teacher modelling waistcoat from museum collection. Display of artefacts to help with other subjects. C/u pupils watching (10.24) still photograph of Chinese? children "TREAT THE YOUNG WITH CARE, THEY ARE TOMORROW'S CITIZENS" Confucius, 551-469 B.C. (10.32) c/u books in a school desk, hand removes Objective English workbook. Children participating in promotions scheme which consists of intelligence tests, examinations and teachers estimates. Teacher marking papers which will determine an appropriate secondary school for the pupil to attend (11.23) headmaster and teachers discussing marks intercut with shots of children sitting exam (11.59) female doctor of Schools Medical Service performing medical examination on boy, looking in his mouth and listening to chest and back (12.47) infirm children school bus, children disembark and enter special needs school (13.36) Mearnskirk Hospital school, children in bed being taught by teacher (14.24) house bound boy in sitting room being visited by teacher from Home Tuition Scheme (15.07) children entering school in lines of two (15.24) brief shot countryside and residential school (15.34) boy sleeping, he wakes up and rushes to window with countryside view. Classes visiting school on Firth of Clyde, walking through woods, nature studies and play. Gvs Castle Toward residential school (16.52) secondary school, girls typing in unison (17.37) Pupils follow three year secondary study - boys using lathe, forge and fire to gain practical experience (18.10) girls practising domestic science (18.46) apprentices at Stow College of Engineering practising various trades (19.27) nursing trainees at Logan Johnson College practising first aid (19.59) ext Lawmuir Agricultural School, boys practising agriculture and country ways (20.34) girl talking to lady from Youth Employment Service in office (21.39) pupils following five year secondary study, more concentrated study. View classroom, teacher helps boy with mathematics (22.57) physics classroom, teacher discusses cathode ray tube (23.08) chemistry classroom, boys using bunsen burners and test tubes (23.22) boys sketching mural (23.30) pupils playing music (23.34) boy throwing pot (23.45) pupils running outside for PE, girls playing hockey pupils swimming (24.03) gvs Glasgow University, Commercial College, Royal Technical College (Strathclyde University), School of Art, College of Domestic Science, (v/o: "which is the women's realm, alone") Jordanhill College (24.39) evening class attendees for further education, apprenticeships (24.51) ext. Knightswood Community Centre, youth club attendees having tea and talking (25.19) ext Palace of Art in Bellahouston Park, interior exhibits of clothes, leatherwork , woodwork, soft toys, make up, drama (25.54) mother and child in cloakroom of nursery school, gvs 2 - 5 year old children playing (27.12) children singing, clapping and dancing. Children sit down to dinner and clearing up afterwards (28.39) children sleeping in small cot beds (29.05) construction site of new school, c/u various children smiling (29.51)