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Reference number: 5359

Date: 1927c

Director: [filmed by Isobel Hutchison]

Sound: silent

Original format: 9.5mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 14.36 mins

Description: General footage from botanist Isobel Hutchison's field trip to Angmagsalik, Greenland. The majority of the film shows varied activities of the people living there, playing and travelling with dogs by sled, kayak, going to church and possibly a visit to a sacred site.

Shotlist: No credits. brief ints. family at home? [very dark] (0.09) brief gvs dock at Copenhagen, passengers board and wait on deck (0.21) c/u men lined up on ship deck, posing for camera, one wearing a sealskin? kayak jacket; ls man in elaborate fur coat speaking to crew member; shot of coastline (0.44) m/s man in fur coat and others showing off their Greenland clothes (1.04) ls Isobel Hutchison smokes pipe, standing amid activity on deck (1.23) m/s group of boats, an umiaq rowed by a number of Greenlanders and single kayaks in bay (2.18) Inuit (Hutchison's?) sleigh pulled by dogs through rocky, snow covered landscape; ls Umanak mountain; ls dogs pulling sled over ice; brief shot sled spilling down steep slope, sled snagging on small building at bottom (3.32) c/u Inuit people posing for camera, including young children in bobble hats (includes some Western European faces too - expedition crew?); (4.32) m/s woman feeding titbits to dogs; c/u face (4.44) Gvs in Angmagsalik c/u group of Inuit woman, Dane? and Hutchison; c/u Hutchinson shaking hands with Greenland woman in turban; Hutchison feeding titbits to dogs, [dried meat?] Danish? man feeding dogs, c/u dog (5.28) pan over bay; c/u ice caught in net; pan over Hutchison in boat with Inuit fishermen and children; c/u tea drinking (6.20) long shot of group of women and children in traditional clothing, pan to Hutchison and another European woman?; various brief c/u's Inuit people smoking and drinking (6.41) brief c/u puppies; toddler on child's sled travelling along beach, pulled by three dogs (6.56) Inuit children passing camera; ls children looking through wire fence [school?]; pan to gate which has a barrel hanging from cross bar (7.10) ls four small children stand in hut on church wall; brief shot boy hitting barrel with a stick (7.15) pan over houses; ms men wearing masks play to camera, and hit barrel until straw falls out (8.00) ms man ringing bell; ls church, Umanak mountain in b/ground (8.16) ms older woman standing outside church with two children; gvs people walk in small groups, and then whole congregation departing, followed by clergyman and his wife? (8.59) brief tracking shot of pier or harbour; shots taken from a large rowing boat at sea, of coastline and rowers; (9.37) ms man in kayak takes a rifle and pulls on mittens while holding onto side of boat, then pushes off (9.54) brief shot Inuit men stop to eat (10.02) gvs a large crowd visiting burial ground?, plateau on hillside near sea [white cross marker visible in b/ground, however the group are not facing it] (10.22) close shots people on rowing boat, eating and drinking; ls three men in kayaks (10.47) pan over group of men on pier; c/u man cutting off a piece of flesh held in his teeth (11.01) various brief c/u's of journey showing people on the boat, men in kayaks beside, a seabird being brought onto the boat and scenes on a beach (11.35) various brief close and middle shots of scenes of group gathered on beach next to the pier (12.23) ms group of people waiting on beach; older woman holding a package steps into boat, then ferried to sailboat, intercut with shots of people crowding the pier, one or two are perched on frame watching her go (12.50) group of women and children beside wooden building (12.57) ints. church, altar with cross, bible and chalice [dark] (13.01)