A group of fisherfolk in the street shovel shellfish into wicker baskets and later use the shellfish to bait hooks on fishing lines, they work very fast without catching their hands on the barbs. ‘Shawlie’ woman in foreground. (clip - full length available onsite)

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Title: ST. ANDREWS 1916

Reference number: 1315

Date: 1916 - 1922

Sponsor: Cinema House, St. Andrews

Production company: Pathe Gazette

Sound: silent

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 14.00 mins

Description: A compilation of events in St. Andrews, Fife including the installation of Sir Douglas Haig as Lord Rector of St. Andrews University, and the Duke of York at St. Andrews golf course.

According to the Royal & Ancient Golf Club, the Prince of Wales sequence dates from 1922 when he "drove himself into the Captain's position" (Sept. 1922). [Section (8.42) to end possibly shot by a cameraman from the Essanay Film Company]

Credits: [Pathe Gazette (section 0.00 - 1.22)]
[Made for Cinema House St Andrews (section 1.22 to end)]
[Section (8.42) to end possibly shot by a cameraman from the Essanay Film Company]

Shotlist: Additional info: [The section from (8.42) to (11.28) may concern Sgt. John Ripley, the first member of Kitchener's army to be awarded the VC for conspicuous bravery at Rue du Bois on 9th May, 1915, while serving with the 1st Battn. Black Watch. He was the only holder of the Long Service Medal to win the honour. Possibly in St. Andrews for freedom ceremony?]

Credits (.04); St Andrews "Dr" Sir Douglas Haig, LLD. Unique picture of his actual "capping" and installation as Lord Rector of the University. Shot inside hall of platform party and audience, speeches (1.05); General views of crowds. One student is passed over the heads of the others (1.22); Shots outside hall in North Street as crowds watch graduates and dons in procession (1.32); A car pulls away. Long shot along North street as crowds wave to it, and children run alongside. Crowd disperses (1.45); Shots of West Port as academic procession passes under and rounds corner (2.33); Lord provost Sir Douglas Haig and others in quad, greet graduates. Group of graduates (2.46); Group of male graduates in gowns surround a wagon with colleagues perched atop. Wagon moves down towards beach (2.50); Close-up of Haig and Lord Provost talking to civic officials (3.16); Shots in street of Haig in car as pedestrians line street and wave. Car stops (3.22); Shots in church grounds as Haig inspects guard of honour in civvies led by uniformed sergeant. Stops to chat (3.36); Inspects parade of uniformed troops and talks to CO (3.44); General views of crowd (3.53); Children parade with flags past lined up troops (4.05); General view children's parade led by pipe band (4.15); Haig, the Lord Provost and others in party assemble for group photograph (4.42); St Andrews. Pan from St Salvator's tower across rooftops of town (4.51); St Andrews from the east. Pan at ground level across fields to town (5.07); South Street. View of Blackfriars Chapel. Shot of same (5.16); Shot down South Street with several horse-drawn vehicles. Several long shots of South Street with cyclists and motor vehicles (5.33); Kinnburn Park recently acquired by the Corporation. Shots of pedestrians in the park (5.50); Exterior of a large house [Kinburn Castle - once a private residence, now housing St Andrews Museum], a car passes across front. Pan along the facade to field guns at side of the house (6.04); A fire alarm. Shots of the entrance to the Fire Engine Station. Small crowd watches as fire engine leaves. General views of the engine in streets of town (6.40); Long shot through West Port of South Street. Vehicles pass under East Port (6.54); Shots of Blackfriars Chapel (7.02); Exterior of the building (7.12); Sailor with telescope atop cliff looking out over the harbour as fishing boat comes in (7.21); Group of fisher folk outside row of cottages. Fisherfolk shovel cockles and mussels (?) into wicker basket. Close-up of shawlie woman (7.50); Fishermen and women baiting fishing lines (8.08); Shot of exterior of Royal and Ancient Golf Club as crowds wait by the first tee (8.22); Group of golfers in plus fours leave clubhouse, including Duke of York (later George VI) and walk onto first tee (8.34); Duke of York and party pose for camera (8.40); Shot of caddie holding up golf ball (8.42); Dense shots of Lord Provost and others with military visitors on railway station platform (8.58); The party leaves the station by open topped car. General views of crowds. (9.20); Crowds in street lined with troops. Shot of film cameraman covering the event over heads of crowd (9.42); Provost and guests arrive at church in South Street. Provost addresses the crowds from his carriage (11.07); The carriage pulls away and is followed by the crowd. Shot of Essanay wagon amongst the spectators (11.28); Group of golfers on first tee at the Royal and Ancient watched by crowds (11.39); Picnic in wooded area, shots of girls dancing (11.51); Woody lane (12.08); Long shot across fields to St Andrews, shots of castle ruins (12.29); Seaman sits on a wall looking out to sea. More long shots of ruins (12.40); The End (12.44)