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Reference number: 3012

Date: 1935

Director: [filmed by Isobel Hutchison]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 11.00 mins

Description: Eskimoes in Greenland "rolling" their kayaks, Greenlanders in traditional dress dancing "reels" and Confirmation Sunday at Jakobshavn. [Dufaycolor]

Shotlist: The Greenlander can roll round in the sea in his kayak like a fish in the water two men in kayaks 'rolling' (2.47) An open-air dance. The Greenlanders delight in dancing. Some of the dances here introduced by the Scottish whalers and resemble our reels two women in traditional dress dance while two men play the fiddle (4.17) couples dancing a 'reel' (5.22) c/u shots of children and adults watching the dancing (6.07) [change to Dufay colour] c/u woman sewing (6.30) woman softening and drying leather boots (6.47) A Greenland industry - washing cod and halibut for salting and export brief shot women doing same [muzzy picture] (7.02) c/u flowers 'gold' (7.16) summer tent dwellers shot of family outside their tent (7.38) Confirmation Sunday at Jakobshavn ext. church and shots of children and adults smartly dressed going to and coming back from church (8.50) brief shot of the pastor and crowd of people outisde church (9.05) Umanak mountain shot of same (9.10) Umanak colony shot of hamlet showing Danish flag flying (9.29) gvs land and seascape on Umanak fjord (10.03) under the crossed harpoons of the Danish-Greenland Directorate c/u flag of same (10.13) Dedication Ceremony of Umanak's new stone church. The first arrivals shot of people arriving outside church (10.50)