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Reference number: 3720

Date: 1954

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 14.37 mins

Description: Lighthouse inspection by the Pharos VII. Main duties of this Northern Lighthouse Board Ship included the delivery of stores and supplies, buoyworking and the statutory inspection of the navigation aids on oil rigs in the Scottish sector. This film shows the ship on duty at Suleskerry and Skerryvore.

Written on card contained inside original can "1954 PHAROS - SULESKERRY - SKERRYVORE"

The Pharos vessel featured in this film would appear to be PHAROS VII in service 1909 - 1955. Main duties being the delivery of stores and supplies, buoyworking and the statutory inspection of the navigation aids on oil rigs in the Scottish sector. It was built in 1909 by Wm Beardmore & Co Ltd, Glasgow. In 1955, it arrived at Charlestown, Fife for breaking up by Shipbreaking Industries Ltd.
[Information from Northern Lighthouse Board website with acknowledgement made to Graeme Somner - [last accessed 09/07/2020]

This film is part of the Northern Lighthouse Board Collection. See refs. 3720, 3725 - 3737 and 9946

Shotlist: Pharos. (.06) Pan up to show that the title was knitted into a jumper worn by a man in a sailors (?) cap. (.10) Steamer. (.25) Sea and landscape as seen from a ship. (.37) Gv's of various men onboard, some a wearing suits and ties, one man is wearing a white cap. (1.09) Gv's of a lighthouse as a ship approaches it, coastline. (1.48) Gv's of a lighthouse with two red stripes, taken from between the ship's wheels. (2.10) Clear view of the lighthouse. (2.19) Man dressed in an overcoat and a white cap, standing on a ship's deck. (2.32) Two men in suits and a white cap walking by the base buildings of a lighthouse. Pan to the top of the lighthouse. (2.48) Gv's of lighthouse men, suits and white cap, at the top of the lighthouse. (3.13) Three men and a lady walking along a garden path, possibly the lighthouse keeper's house (?). (4.02) Three lighthouse men passing a piece of turf to each other, and nodding at the camera. (4.13) Gv's of the coastline. Sea breaking, and driving through the rocks. (4.59) A small plain white lighthouse. (5.07) A flock of puffins. (5.16) C/u of a puffin. (5.22) Two men on a cliff top. One man is holding a dog facing the camera. Birds are circling them.(5.29) Dozens of seabirds darting around a cliff top as the dog runs along it. (5.59) Seven puffins sitting on the cliff. (6.10) Four lighthouse men standing at a door. (6.17) Gv's of a lighthouse as the ship moves away. (6.32) Busy pier scene, where a ship is being loaded. (6.45) Lighthouse. (6.53) C/u of the lighthouse keeper and his wife. (6.59) Pan across a coastline taken from a ship. Some boats can be seen at anchor in the natural harbour. (7.20) Seagull dancing on the ship's rail. (7.29) Gv's of a fishing boat sailing into harbour. (7.44) Yacht at anchor. (7.49) View of a steamer in the bay taken from the top of a hill. (7.56) Pan across the houses of small village. (8.08) Lighthouse with outbuildings. (8.17) Tall slender lighthouse perched on a small piece of rock. (8.41) Lighthouse men in a rowing boat bouncing in the sea. View of men on the ship working with the space left by the rowing boat. (8.49) Gv of tall, slender lighthouse, with a man in the foreground. (8.56) Pan from the small rocks in the sea, to the slightly large rock the lighthouse is built on. (9.12) Various lighthouse men onboard, lighthouse in the background. (9.24) View of the lighthouse as the ship sails away. (9.32) Gv's of a steamer sailing to the right of the picture, from a ship sailing to the left. (10.09) Two lighthouse men onboard, life boats can be seen in the background, along with a built up section of coastline. (10.20) Oban harbour as the ship sails in. (10.32) Steamer. (10.44) Small lighthouse. (10.52) Gv's of different coastlines, some mountainous, others flat. (11.12) Gv's of lighthouse men onboard. Some are working with the lifeboats. (11.41) View of a lighthouse seen through the rigging. (11.53) Men in a life boat as it is lowered. (12.11) Pan across a flat coastline with lighthouse. (12.25) Lighthouse sloped on a hill, man can be seen working in a life boat in the foreground. (12.57) Men working on the deck. (13.08) Gv's of various activities on the ship. A man in full dress uniform saluting various members of the crew. Men walking on the deck. The rope winch in operation. Various men smiling at the camera. (14.32) Jumper with the word Pharos worn by one of the men. (14.37)

[Written on card contained inside original can "1954 PHAROS - SULESKERRY - SKERRYVORE"]