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  • Caithness
  • Morayshire


  • Employment, industry and industrial relations
  • Power resources
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  • Documentary
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  • Films of Scotland Committee


  • 1980s

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Reference number: 3124

Date: 1980

Sponsor: Films of Scotland and Conoco (UK) Ltd.

Production company: Schulze McLaren Ltd.

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 33.04 mins

Description: A study of the stages of development of the Murchison Project set up between British and Norwegian businessmen and Conoco to build a new North Sea oil rig.

Festival Committee Premier Award in Honour of Edgar Anstey for the best film at the 1981 British Industrial Film Festival and gold award in its own category - Public Relations films for general audiences.

Credits: cam. Mike Herd, Aristid Hubrik, Gordon Hickie, Charles Lagus, George Morse, David Peat, Pete Warrilow, Terry Bulley, David Hutchins John Lane.
sd. Wally Plummer, Ivan Sharp, Colin Nicholson, Louis Kramer, Cameron Crosby, Garry Coleman.
comm. w. Bob Wellin

Shotlist: Duke of Gloucester arrives on rig for inauguration and is given the grand tour (0.26) Opening credits (0.31) Model of the Murchison field (0.59) Engineers planning and preparing the building of the platform (1.24) Business meeting between the British and Norwegians and Conaco (1.40) Iv. Bill Schmoe, Executive Vice President of Conaco UK (1.56) Iv. Dennis Gregg Vice President of the Murchison project (2.07) Iv. Tom Marr, Project Director (2.14) Gvs rigs in N. Sea (2.33) The boardroom (2.35) Designers and planners at work along with various other office workers (2.58) Conaco boardroom members all singled out and detailed, inserts show them at their particular work (3.59) Gvs cranes offloading steel at Mcdermotts construction yard in Ardersier (4.39)Work in progress in the contractor Matthew Hall's (5.53) Welding (6.23) One finished part being transported (6.31) Gvs deserted fabrication yard as strike shuts down the yard (7.00) Gvs the other yard where the deck modules are being made (7.13) Gvs the Conaco men (7.20) Meeting of project management team (7.56) Tug carrying sub sea installation parts to the site (8.14) Well head is lowered into the sea overseen by men in dinghy (8.47) Aerial view of Ardersier and the giant crane "Nessie" (9.03)Gvs the yard and jacket (9.34) In the factory which is manufacturing the modules (10.06) Gvs management at work (10.47) Cranes at work (11.34) Gvs the jacket (11.47) Cranes at work (12.12) Gvs the construction site (12.54) Partners sign the oil share agreement and various dignitaries are interviewed (13.47) The fabrication yard in Wick making the flowline bundles (14.24) The modules being finished off (15.03) The modules are moved onto barges (15.15) Jacket ready to leave Ardersier by barge but prevented by such problems such as poor weather and a rough sea (18.18) Tugs tow the jacket out of the Moray Firth and out to sea towards the rig (20.07) The jacket is launched into the sea (21.09) The Conaco men in jubilant mood (21.26) Gvs of the jacket being positioned and secured to the seabed (23.09) The modules waiting to be fitted (24.21) Winter gales hit the rig (25.53) The rig goes back into construction (26.10) The modules are in place (26.25) Offshore construction workers are transported out to the platform (16.57) These men at work (27.41) Iv. with Dennis Gregg (18.32) The pipelaying (28.58) Flowline bundles towed out of Wick to Murchison (29.46) C/u of the flare (30.33) Duke of Gloucester (30.32) Unveiling the plaque as the workers look on (30.46) Aerial view of the finished rig overlaid by ecs (31.41).