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  • Aberdeenshire
  • Edinburgh


  • Arts and crafts
  • Education
  • Fish and fishing
  • Home life
  • Housing and living conditions
  • Institutional care
  • Ships and shipping
  • Sporting activities


  • Documentary
  • Sponsored
  • Promotional


  • Films of Scotland Committee
  • Pelicula Films


  • 1980s

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Reference number: 2255

Date: 1981

Director: d. Mike Alexander

Sponsor: Films of Scotland and the Edinburgh Merchant Company

Production company: Pelicula Films

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 27 mins

Description: Made to commemorate the tercentenary of the Company of Merchants of the city of Edinburgh featuring the tradition of teaching in Merchant Company schools.

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Credits: comm. w. James Wilson
comm. s. John Shedden
sd. Louis Kramer
ed. Bert Eeles
ph. Mark Littlewood
music performed by pupils of George Watson's College

Shotlist: Title over gold model of clipper ship (0.13) chaplain delivering prayer at meeting of the Company of Merchants of Edinburgh. Large portrait of Queen in b/ground (0.50) Master merchant speaking at introduction of two new members (1.49) new members sign roll and receive certificate to applause of other members (2.29) painting of founding members of Company in 1681. Portrait of Charles II, c/u his signature. Coat of Arms of charter (3.01) ext. Merchant's Hall in Hannover street (since 1879). Int. shot of meeting at large table in elegant room with many paintings (3.54) view Edinburgh from Arthur's Seat, camera zooms in (4.05) pan shot skyline (4.17) Queen street, Mary Erskine School, Daniel Stewart's College (4.35) school in Melville Street, Ravelston mansion house (4.55) children in combined nursey at new Mary Erskine school (it caters for 3 above-mentioned schools) (6.13) pupils in library, teachers looking at resources (6.39) children's drama lessons stage show (7.29) PE lessons, girl in gym (7.40) swimming lessons (7.53) girl's playing hockey, in science classroom (8.31) arts classroom (8.46) pupils in library (9.10) girls dancing in leotards (9.35) pan shot Edinburgh skyline (9.47) man speaking underneath sign 'never unprepared'. Stewart's Melville school assembly hall, morning, pupils sing hymn to brass accompaniement (10.34) physics laboratory. Computers, tv screens (11.16) ext. Dean Park House (11.23) int. shot of the boarding house (11.52) cricket match, castle silhouette in b/ground, tennis, athletics (12.37)pipe band marching past school (12.56) Fraser homes for the elderly at Colinton, elderly people at Pitsligo House, also administered by company (13.15) int. elderly ladies eating (13.41) fish market at Peterhead (14.29) illustration of Peterhead over 200 years ago (14.40) int. parish church, stained glass windows (15.04) c/u coat of arms of Company (15.21) trawler in Peterhead harbour, camera pulls back (15.41) c/u plaque to commemorate opning of boardroom by William T. Stevenson 23rd November 1978. Meeting in progress, Peterhead harbour visible through windows in b/ground. Gv s harbour, oil facilities and bay (16.35) combine harvester on farm (16.43) trawler sailing out of harbour (17.02) int office of Company Secretary and Chamberlain (17.29) illustrationof George Watsons College, ext. c/u Company plaque, skyline (17.49) int. nursery class, gvs children painting etc. Teacher reading story to group of children (18.49) Gvs Watsons pupils, in large assembly hall, stage play (19.37) Principal takes 6th form tutorial (20.09) paper mache modelling, pottery. Reading in remedial department (21.33) plant and animal room (21.55) careers advisory service (22.30) Edinburgh skyline, view of Watson's and playing fields (22.47) ext. girls hockey, int. boys basketball, squash, swimming, rowing, rugby (24.02) music lessons, back to rugby (24.46) girl singing, orchestral and choir accompaniement (25.48) silhouette skyline (26.01) ext. Merchants Hall (26.12) int. domed roof (26.20) pan formal dinner of Merchants in progress (26.40) c/u portrait Queen, Duke of Edinburgh (26.50) treasures (27.06) ecs (27.25)