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Reference number: 2883

Date: 1952

Director: filmed by Bert Mocogni

Production company: Stradus Films, Hurlford Ayrshire

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 29.40 mins

Description: The Convent of the Poor Sisters of Nazareth and daily life in the Convent School.

See also ref. 2879, 2880, 2882, 2884, 2885, 2886, 2889.

Credits: comm. W.J. McLaughan

Shotlist: ecs. In the Making of this Film The Reverend Mother and Sisters gave their whole-hearted Co-operation; (0.44) Convent of the Poor Sisters of Nazareth, Kilmarnock. gvs convent building and grounds; photograph of foundress, Mother St. Basil, who established eight houses before her death in 1878 (1.31) Sister Theresa at door (1.38) gvs chapel during service; girls file in; hymns, views of statuetry (5.28) priest bringing communion to the sick (5.08) girls making beds, dressing the windows with flowers and playing (6.08) elderly women at leisure, knitting and chatting; one in the infirmary, speaking to a nun by her beside (7.11) elderly men reading; nun preparing food; c/u faces of old men (8.40) toddlers in the nursery paint and play (9.19) older girls dance on their holiday; three girls mime putting babies to sleep with dolls (11.43) kitchen of Nazareth House; mixing machine; steamer; bread slicer in pantry (13.05) youngest children, toddlers and babies, eating a meal (14.36) elderly men at lunch, including those bed bound (16.12) young women and nuns working in the laundry; washing and drying machines, and ironing (17.39) girls playing table tennis in the recreational room; playing outside in the playground (18.42) Easter party, girls have their best clothes on (19.44) nursery music lesson; action songs and dance; playing on rocking horses; kneeling in prayer; bedtime (21.38) tuck shop (22.28) a birthday party (24.00) group of pupils in the grounds - at the grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes in the grounds (25.27) Corpus Christi (?) procession from Nazareth House to St. Joseph's Church (29.00) ext. Nazareth House. The End (29.40)