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Reference number: 2886

Date: 1957

Director: filmed by Bert Mocogni

Sponsor: Scottish Catholic Film Institute

Production company: [ SCFI Galloway Branch]

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 17.59 mins

Description: Footage of the ruins of Whithorn Priory and of pilgrimage to celebrate mass at the cave of St. Ninian.

From collection of titles concerning Catholic liturgical practice prior to changes introduced by the Second Vatican Council. Bert Mocogni was founder member of the Scottish Catholic Film Institute. Collection includes footage of lay sodalities - the Legion of Mary, Union of Catholic Mothers. Refs. 2879-2891.
See paper archives file.
See also ref. 2879, 2880, 2882, 2883, 2884, 2885, 2889.

Credits: A film dedicated to St. Ninian who brought the faith to Scotland.
Acknowledgements: Rev. Fr. Cornelius Burke, Whithorn, Rev. Fr John Leen, Hurlford technical assistants Peter Nimbly, Joseph Adamson, James McCann
commentary Dr. James Douglas
organ music played by Hugh McCluskey
Distr. by SCFI with the full approval of the Rt. Rev. Joseph McGee DD, Bishop of Galloway
Hymn to St. Ninian sung by St Joseph's High School Kilmarnock Girls Choir under the direction of Mr Clifford H Westcott

Shotlist: credits (0.40) map of Scotland, c/u Galloway (0.55) gvs from car through Galloway (1.56) Whithorn street scene; c/u Bruce Street gateway (2.30) Oratory. ints. (2.49) gvs ruins of Whithorn Priory. (4.02) C/u plan of the site, intercut with shots and stills of the ruins, illustrating the history of the site. (5.57) brief ints. museum (6.04) gvs Whithorn streets (6.15) vacant site in George Street proposed for church; drawing of finished church (6.47) existing chapel made of corrugated iron on farm at High Mains ext. and ints. (7.58) tracking shot village and harbour, Isle of Whithorn (reputed to be the site of Candida Casa) (9.02) gvs. Ruins of St. Ninian's Chapel, Whithorn Bay (9.47) Luce Bay. Cave of St. Ninian (10.20) parishioners prepare the altar at the cave. Pilgrims make their way along shore towards cave to celebrate mass on feast of St. Ninian held by Bishop Joseph McGee. (12.19) gvs mass at entrance to cave [commentary provides historical background to Ninian]; shot of sermon given by abbot of Kilnacroft Premonstratensian Abbey; Bishop of Galloway speaks; (17.12) pilgrims disperse (17.46) ecs (17.59)