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  • 1920s

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Reference number: 2830

Date: 1929*

Director: [filmed by Frances Hedges Montgomery]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 16.43 mins

Description: A flight in a 'Pleasure Flying Services' aeroplane; a fire fighting demonstration; the launching of a lifeboat and a boxing match

From family collection, made by Frances H. Montgomery of Fife, burgh councillor in St. Andrews 1929 - ? Refs 2821-2832.

See also ref. 2821, 2822, 2823, 2825, 2826, 2827, 2828, 2829, 2830, 2831.

Credits: [assisted by family nanny / companion Miss Margaret Grant Smith]

Shotlist: [*1928] Shot of Walls ice-cream barrow with "Stop Me and Buy One" sign and customers (0.22) gvs visit to West Penniwells. 'Pleasure Flying Services', shot of small plane taking off and landing on sands. gvs Mrs Montgomery's daughter taking a flight in the plane. Shots of Mrs Montgomery playing with dogs on beach, wheeled bathing huts in b/ground (3.24). ext. University Hall in St. Andrews as arrival of fire engine and dramatic demonstration of girls getting out of upstairs windows by means of a chute and jumping into a blanket. Firemen put on breathing apparatus. [F H Montgomery was Convenor of Fire Brigade] (4.50). Start of golf competition on green outside Royal and Ancient Golf Club (5.29) gvs Mrs Montgomery on beach with dogs. (7.11) Shot of return of rowing boat; gvs men pulling lifeboat out of shed and taking it down to harbour to be launched. (10.07) gvs lifeboat and crew doing life saving demonstration in a field; group shot lifeboat men (10.53) kilties on parade in town streets; c/u officer (11.26) family feeding dogs and puppy; family on beach, boy playing with inflatable donkey water ring; aeroplane taking off (12.24) Shots of lifeboat being paraded through streets drawn by cart horses (lifeboat men are making a collection) and then taken down to beach to be met by the regimental band; local dignitaries making speeches . Shot of boat launched from beach (14.23) children playing at beach and on rocks (15.13) Army camp - territorials or cadets? Youths boxing watched by uniformed men; marching (15.44) Brief shot Mrs Montgomery? presenting sports trophy to civilians. Army personnel lead horse drawn carts followed by parade of cart horses with decorated harnesses. [wild panning shots] (16.29) pan St Andrews and crowds at open-air event. (16.40) women [including parlour maid] in Mrs Montgomery's garden. (16.43)