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  • Aberdeenshire
  • Fife
  • Invernesshire
  • Midlothian
  • Outer Hebrides


  • Landscapes and seascapes
  • Leisure and recreation
  • Tourism and travel


  • Amateur


  • 1920s

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Reference number: 4555

Date: 1929*

Director: filmed by Mr J H Donaldson (?)

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 18.48 mins

Description: Tour of the Highlands and Islands in the late 1920's and early 1930's. Scenes include farming, fishing, mountain climbing, ships, and a brief shot of the 'talkies' being installed at Balmoral.

Other films in the collection depict a medical centre and orphanage in Labrador, Newfoundland, established by Wilfred T Grenfell - these have been acquired by NFTVA. The films were shot by J H Donaldson in 1934, he possibly shot The Scottish Highlands and Islands (c.1929) as well.

Shotlist: [Please note shotlist is at 18fps, actual speed is 16fps]

title (0.03) RAIN AND SHINE AT FORT WILLIAM long pier with a rainbow bursting over it (0.24) CATTLE SALE IN PORTREE (SKYE) men drive cattle along a rugged field, some animals are more willing to move than others! (0.57) A DEAL (BUT CAMERA CONSCIOUS) men shake hands to agree a price for the cattle (1.14) GAELIC, PIPING HOT (IT SOUNDED LIKE A BATH WHEN THE PLUG IS PULLED) .... AND WHAT IT WAS ALL ABOUT! people chatting (1.49) THE STORR ROCKS (2,360 FEET HIGH) AND LOCH FADA gvs same (2.14) ALASDAIR ALPIN MACGREGOR LECTURES ON "THE CROFTERS ACT" - A SORE POINT WITH HIM shot of man gesturing wildly while talking, views of Storr follows (2.41) A NEARER VIEW OF STORR WITH RAASAY AND RONA (FROM THE SUMMIT) gvs same (3.06) RAASAY AND RONA FROM THE STORR ROCKS gvs same, including shot of men hillwalking (3.45) STORM COMING UP! (A DAILY OCCURRENCE) shot of man wandering down hillside talking to camera, whilst windy weather brews (4.14) GLEN SLIGACHAN AND THE COOLINS (Cuillins, sic) gvs same (4.39) BROADFORD BAY AND EARLY BIRDS gvs same, including shots of kitten and dog at play, sheep running along roadside (5.37) GOOD-BYE TO SKYE! (8.40 AM IN OCT., SO DON'T EXPECT TOO MUCH OF THE PHOTOGRAPHY) views taken from departing ship (5.58) DAWN. (OR NIGHTFALL - WHICHEVER YOUR POETIC FANCY DICTATES) passing shots from boat including (unidentified) lighthouse with whitewashed walls - lots of mist and a small boat passing in foreground (6.41) CAPTAIN OF THE "GLENCOE" BORN 1846 (THE BOAT, NOT THE CAPTAIN) BUT BOTH GOING STRONG gvs from ship and docking (7.22) S.S. "LOCHNESS" OUTER HEBRIDES SERVICE gvs same (7.56) GLIMPSES FROM THE TRAIN passing shots (Morar?) taken from on board steam train (8.42) A HEBRIDEAN SHORE waves crash on shore (8.54) ELEPHANTS AT PLAY TWO MEN FULLY DRESSED IN SUITS PLAY ON SAND DUNES AND PULL FACES AT CAMERA (9.14) ERISKAY. (HERE BONNIE PRINCE CHARLIE LANDED - "ERISKAY" THING TO DO AS EVENTS PROVED) sun dappling the water at Eriskay (9.30) BALMORAL AND LOCHNAGAR shot at monument / summit (?), [some trick phtography is used here to make it look as if stones are jumping off the ground and back onto monument] (9.59) INVERCAULD BRIDGE, LINN OF CORRIEMULZIE (PRONOUNCED "CORRYMOOLY") shot of bridge waterfall (10.49) ... AND THE LINN OF DEE (PROBABLY PROUNOUNCED DON) scenics, waterfall (11.50) A WATER CLOCK (MOTIVE POWER SUPPLIED FREE - SCOTS ECONOMY) c/u same (12.15) INSIDE BALMORAL CASTLE ... (FITTING THE "TALKIES" FOR A COMMAND PERFORMANCE WHAT OUR ROYAL FAMILY HAVE TO SUFFER) sumptous and rather empty ints at Balmoral (crystal chandeliers, wooden panelled walls), a man smoking a cigar directs the scene setting up lights etc? (12.57) ROYAL CHARABANC - USED BETWEEN BALLATER STATION AND BALMORAL CASTLE shot of the charabanc, followed by gvs of loading at station (13.30) CLIMBING LOCHNAGAR (3,774FT) THE LOCH ITSELF (LOCH-NA-GARR) IS SEEN FAR BELOW gvs same (13.49) BYRON'S CHILDHOOD WAS SPENT HERE - A FACT NOT GENERALLY KNOWN... THIS INSPIRED HIS POEM WITH THE LINE, "THE STEEP FROWNING GLORIES OF DARK LOCHNAGAR" gvs scenics (15.46) SUMMIT STONE. A VIEW SOUTH OF 200 MILES CAN BE HAD FROM HERE (16.10) ROUGH STUFF! two men play at 'swordfighting' with their walking sticks (16.16) NOTE THE PECULIAR NATURAL ROCK FORMATION c/u geological formation, ends with shot of man pretending to 'jump' from high cliff (16.42) UNFORTUNATELY HE DIDN'T HAVING NO REAL SENSE OF DRAMA. NOW YOU'LL SEE THE MIST COME DOWN AS IT FREQUENTLY DOES landscape is steadily shrouded in mist (17.25) SAFE ONCE MORE! CELEBRATIONS AND WE LEAVE BALLATER brief shot men and women enjoying picnic at foot of mountains (17.36) moving shots from train as departs from Ballater Station (17.48) THE TAY BRIDGE - 2 AND A HALF MILES LONG shots taken from moving train as it curves round the bridge (18.03) THE FORTH BRIDGE - ABOUT 2 MILES LONG (18.24) shot of man smoking pipe, playing up to camera as if he is freezing cold, pulling faces etc (18.48)