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Reference number: 2506

Date: 1973 - 1975

Director: [filmed by William McQuilken]

Sound: silent

Original format: std. 8mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 20.40 mins

Description: Footage of demonstrations and marches in Edinburgh and Glasgow including the OAPs "Beat the Cold"; UCS rally; miners in Edinburgh; sit-in at McNeils, Glasgow and an anti-Polaris march to Faslane. [The late William McQuilken was Paisley District Secretary of the AEU and an active member of the Communist Party]. [See also refs. 2507, 2508].

Shotlist: Paisley Trade Union Centre Senior Citizen's Trip 1975 (0.05) ints. bus (0.38) brief ls Oban Hotel; pan over pier and boat; shots of the group walking along a street; ms three men walk towards camera (1.14) ls of Oban towards McCaig's Folly (1.27) Demo for OAPs in Edinburgh "Beat the Cold" 1973; ms group holding signs, e.g. "Cold Kills £2.00 Now Means Winter Warmth", "Two Pounds Needed Just to stand Still" (1.40) Pensioners march with signs (1.56) Procession with floats; c/u banner "Paisley & District Trades Council"; Girl Guides hold up flags; Boy's Brigade (2.46) ls balloon release in park; ms speaker (2.59) group gathered in the street holding signs "No to Dearer Food"; ms man addressing street with loudspeaker outside A.U.E.W. building (3.25) Ted Heath arriving at A.U.E.W. building (3.39) people gathered outside building; c/u "Morning Star" headline "For Britain's Sake Get Out! [of the Common Market]" (4.05) march with banners for Communist Party Paisley Branch; ms speakers at microphone(5.07) brief shot boy in pram; shot of group standing under "Paisley & District Trades Council" banner; c/u individuals [one man playfully gives a worker's salute] (5.24) c/us two unid. men; May Day march (5.43) shots of group waiting for start; Demonstration, people carrying placards, e.g. "Restore Democracy in Chile"; speakers address crowd in front of "Scottish Chile Defence Committee" banner (9.55) ls group on balcony; ls Wilson and Callaghan talking in Hyde Park, London; (7.57) gvs demo (8.49) ms "Maid of the loch"; c/u "Members Only" sign in garden (8.58) c/u man holding up pamphlet titled "Kill the Bill"; demo against Industrial Relations Act, Paisley [mostly slightly oof]; placards include "The Tory Rulebook" [over book with swastika] and "UCS Stop Tory Bill" (10.52) Paisley Mills women demo; brief shot UCS Shipbuilders Ltd with cranes in background; mineworkers demo in Edinburgh June 1973 with shots of Mick McGahey and other individuals (12.28) UCS 100,000 strong rally with shots of Jimmy Reid, banners declaring support e.g. Blackpool Labour Party; very brief shot also of Matt McGinn; (14.34) shots of ruined cottage (14.46) exts. Upper Clyde Shipbuilders Ltd Clydebank Division, cranes in b/ground (15.01) demo for OAP's in Edinburgh (18.18) demo against Rents Act in Glasgow; (17.11) sit-in McNeils, Glasgow; ms banner "This Factory is occupied to save our jobs" (18.11) demo against Rents Act in Paisley (17.49) anti-Polaris march to Faslane; (18.49) May Day in Paisley, shots of speakers (20.24) miners in Edinburgh 1973; (21.49) c/u poster "Tories Out Socialism in! Join the Communists 1pm Queens Park Folk - Jazz"; brief shot march through North Hanover Street in Glasgow; Communist Party in Queens Park Glasgow with shots of Jimmy Reid and a series of other speakers addressing crowd from a platform, intercut with shots of crowd (22.47)