Bow section of tanker is towed by five tugs. (clip)

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  • Renfrewshire


  • Construction and engineering
  • Ships and shipping


  • Technical


  • 1970s

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Reference number: 2448

Date: 1971* - 1979

Sound: mute

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 85.30 mins

Description: Several reels relating to the construction of a tanker in two halves at the Scott-Lithgow shipyard.

Ship no. 1183, named "Naess Scotsman" and re-named by owners "Nordic Clansman" prior to completion.

See also ref. 2431, 2434, 2440, 2441, 2445, 2447.

Shotlist: [Roll A only shotlisted at 25 fps]

Roll A
No credits. gvs large metal sections being fitted together on slipway; large parts being delivered by a shipyard transporter [a large flat lorry with top of driver's cab flush to the carrying surface] onto support struts; gvs transporter driving away (2.24) elevated gvs [from crane?] work, including welding and riveting on skeleton of ship (3.38) man using theodolite with assistant holding white cane at various points (4.18) shot using crane to lift complex metal structure; guided into place (6.12) elevated shot; zoom out from half assembled base of tanker (6.37) zoom out along central strut of skeleton, string of light bulbs on either side (6.48) welding; drilling a hole though metal ceiling; gvs sections of the tanker, elevated shot of progression of tanker's base (10.24) gvs tanks? under construction (11.24) shots of deck; gvs workers working on interior structure (13.46) gvs various sections craned into place (22.00) man in diving gear on small boat (22.20) shots of half finished tanker, some sections of hull are in place, zoom on "Naess Scotsman" tanker (23.01) diver dives from boat into Clyde (23.47) pan out from large central cavity of half-finished tanker (25.16) sanding; sections of hull craned into place, including ram bow (36.09) gvs unfinished half of tanker is towed by five tugs; pan over Naess Scotsman (38.18) gvs stern of the Naess Scotsman; stern and bow are united (42.37) large yellow gangway? components are winched into the ship (46.34) 1746ft [48.30 at 24fps]

Roll B [*1979]
gvs as Roll A. (8 mins)

Roll C [*1974]
gvs Scott-Lithgow's yard - training centre, manufacture of components. Construction BLCC type tanker. Manufacture of panels. Launch stern and bow sections "Naes Scotsman". Fitting together. "Nordic Clansman" in water (12 mins)

Roll D [*1971]
c/u mechanism to join together two halves of tanker (2.00) gvs Glen shipyard during construction of tanker (14.00) c/u raising anchor of vessel after completion (15.30)