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Reference number: 3635

Date: 1971

Production company: SEFA (Glasgow Group)

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 20.47 mins

Description: An educational film showing the various stages in the building of a giant tanker Job No. 1169 "Gold Star" at Lithgow's shipbuilding yard on the lower reaches of the river Clyde - at that time the largest vessel built in Scotland - for the Sam Yang Navigation Company of South Korea.

Credits: comm. s. Howard Howie
w. W. Thomson
camera W. Pollock, M. Millar, W. Thomson
sd. W. Dougans
The producers wish to express thanks to Messrs. Lithgows (1969) Ltd., Messrs. J&G Kincaid Ltd. and the Dept. of Naval Architecture, University of Glasgow also to the Corporation of Glasgow Education Service, J.R. Carson, Advisor in Geography, the Visual Aids Dept. and the Art Galleries and Museums Service.

Shotlist: shots of a ship under construction at the Lithgows shipbuilding yard on the Clyde with titles credits overlayed(0.17) shot of the front of the yard Messrs Scott - Lithgows (1969) Ltd moving onto shots of Job no. 1169 a giant tanker for the Sam Yang Navigation Company of South Korea showing the first stages of the construction primarily setting the levelling and true alignment via a large crane with a brief end shot of a plumb line being used(1.36) shot of the front of the design office at Lithgows(1.43) equation used to build a ship(1.53) shots of the design office with naval architects working with at that time Scotland's largest computer which is there to aid the design of the ship it also shows drawings(2.38) model of the ship tested in a special testing tank followed by a graph showing the projected rate of knots of the vessel(3.19) shot of workers working on the large diesel engine of the ship in the yard(3.45) shot of the ship under construction(3.55) diagram following the flow of production of the shipbuilding process(4.16) shots of large pieces of steel entering the platting shed where once primed the magnetic crane takes the plates away where they are then cut into shape, this process is fully automated, moving onto giant rollers which bend any plates which need to be shaped, the plates are then taken to the prefabrication shed(6.54) illustrations showing the older processes of ship construction followed by shots of a riveter working on the hull of an old ship as he patches it up[the only time riveters are now used](7.32) shots of an electric welder working - who has replaced the riveter(8.00) general shots of the prefabrication shed with the various pieces of the ship coming together(9.56) completed sections leaving the shed and taken to the building berth followed by general shots of the ship at the berth(11.14) diagram showing the use of cranes on the building berth(11.22) shots of the cranes at the berth and the continuation of the construction of the ship(13.31) shots of the design office with c/u of the production drawings(13.59) shots of the completion of the hull (15.42) graph showing the revolutions per minute needed for the propeller of the ship(15.54) shot of the propeller and rudder(16.07) shot of the completed bow of the ship(16.17) shot of the completed ship as seen from the town of Port Glasgow(16.28) shots of the launch of the ship(18.01) tugs manoeuvre the ship into the fitting out quay(18.41) shot of the ship on it's acceptance trial as its moves down the Clyde estuary, the trials reach their climax over the measured mile off the Isle of Arran(19.57) the builders and owners sign the final contracts(20.12) ecs over shots of the ship as its sails down the Clyde estuary(20.47).