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Reference number: 2317

Date: 1969

Director: filmed by SEFA ( Lanarkshire Production Group)

Sponsor: Educational Films of Scotland

Production company: SEFA (Lanarkshire Production Group)

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 20.12 mins

Description: Documentary on Glasgow Airport showing flight movements, radar, passenger flow, and emergency services at work.

See production file.

Credits: nar. Tom Smith
Lanarkshire Production Group : J Baird, J F C Davidson, C J Kerr
The producers greatly acknowledge the cooperation of : Corporation of Glasgow, British European Airways, Ministry of Defence, Board of Trade, H.M. Customs.

Shotlist: Credits (0.06) brief shots cutting between a jet plane taking off and a jet plane taxiing along runway (0.40) m/s of Glasgow Airport building with credits overlay (1.04) various m/s and c/u shots of planes taxiing along runway and planes landing (1.44) shot of flight path map for the west of Scotland (1.52) l/s of turbo-prop plane taking off then jet plane taking off (2.13) gv's panning across the Airport's surrounding area showing the hills of Dunbarton on the horizon (2.44) brief shots of Clyde shipyards (2.54) shots of the old airport at Renfrew [preceded by a brief shot of the town with its section of the River Clyde] (3.28) brief shot of City Chambers, Glasgow followed by a brief aerial view of traffic passing along the street adjacent to it (3.38) m/s panning across Glasgow city centre skyline and rooftops (3.51) brief shots of streets scenes focussing on travel agents' shop fronts (4.03) brief shot of airport workers' housing (4.18) shots of Airport police force (4.35) shots showing the construction of the Renfrew bypass motorway, followed by shots of the completed article in use (4.52) shots of Airport car parking areas highlighting parking ticket scheme (5.27) various shots of travellers entering Airport building followed by shots of, and around the check-in desk (6.42) shot of electronic flight information board [the first of its kind to be installed in a British airport] (7.09) various ints. of the Airport highlighting facilities such as a cash exchange bank, a newsagent, duty-free, clothes shop and information service (8.30) shots of the moving of luggage to and from carousels (8.48) brief shots of coaches leaving the Airport (9.07) shots of spectators terrace showing the views available therefrom (9.47) brief shot of control tower followed by c/u of turbo-prop taxiing (10.07) shots of Airport fire service and equipment followed by action during a mock-emergency practice (11.34) brief shots of various different types of plane parked stationary at the Airport (11.50) brief shots of radar aerial and air traffic control tower (12.16) various ints. of control tower, showing operations (13.11) shot of an aircraft landing, highlighting the Airport's approach lighting (13.38) brief shot of the refuelling of a plane (13.59) various shots around the freight cargo department (14.51) various ints. of the meteorological office (15.34) various ints. and exts. of Airport showing aircraft, staff and equipment, operations, and passengers coming and going (19.35) ecs (20.12)