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Reference number: 0587

Date: 1962

Sponsor: Educational Films of Scotland

Production company: Park Film Studios

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 10.00 mins

Description: The industries of Central Scotland; dairy and arable farming, steel making, engineering, textiles, coal mining and shipbuilding.

Possible working title: CENTRAL LOWLANDS. Paper archive 11/1/343 for teaching notes. See also ref. 1810 CENTRAL LOWLANDS for different version of this film.

Also available on BFI screenonline :- http://www.screenonline.org.uk

Shotlist: Credits (.23) Central Scotland lies between two lines joining Stonehaven and Helensburgh, Girvan and Dunbar. Map of same (.28) Central Scotland is a very important farming area. l/s of flat countryside (.44) In Fife and the Lothians, cereals. Shots of harvesting (1.17) In Ayrshire dairy farming and potato growing. Cattle in farmyard (1.44) potato picking (2.01) In Angus, soft fruit and vegetables. Fields of raspberries and pickers. shots of factory and sorting (2.29) Central Scotland is highly industrialised. The chief industries are: 1. Steel making. Ext. of steel mill with works locomotive in yard (2.59) 2.Engineering. Shots inside furnace as molten steel comes out (3.51) shots of shop floor. Lorries under construction (4.26) 3.Shipbuilding. Monument to Napier's engine. aerial view of shipyards, general shots of welders and yards (4.52) 4. Textiles. Ext. of Coats' factory in Paisley. Int. shots of machinery and bobbins being filled (5.18) 5. Light engineering. shots of entrance to Vale of Leven Industrial Estate. gvs inside one of the factories. Shot of Dundee industrial estate. Shots inside the National Cash Register factory (6.06) Coal supplies power for industrial Scotland. gvs surface of coal mine and of miners (6.30) Electricity and oil are also important sources of power. Ext. of power station. shot of electricity pylons stretching away over the hills (6.55) Oil is piped from Finnart to the refinery at Grangemouth, the centre of a new plastics and chemical industry. Ext. of BP terminal at Finnart. Tanker at quay (7.26) map of course of pipeline (7.35) l/s of Grangemouth. shot of BP refinery and chemicals plant (8.03) Central Scotland has three main ports. Grangemouth docks. shots of vessels unloading (8.28) Leith. Cargo vessels in docks. Ext. of large granary (8.46) Glasgow. gvs of docks (9.06) Central Scotland has three great cities. Map of central region (9.12) Dundee. Pan over city from hill (9.22) Edinburgh. Castle, shots from castle to city centre. St. Giles Cathedral, High Street, Princes Street, traffic (9.57) Glasgow. Gilmorehill and the University, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and George Square (10.18) ecs (10.24)