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Reference number: 1812

Date: 1960

Director: d. Douglas Gray

Sponsor: Educational Films of Scotland

Production company: Park Film Studios

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 22.37 mins

Description: Various methods of creel fishing for lobsters and crabs around the coast of Scotland. Covers methods of creel fishing around Berwicksire, the Pentland Firth and crofter fishermen on the West Coast, for example. Includes footage of a lobster "moulting" or casting its shell and the work of fisheries research scientists.

Credits: nar. Bill Jack
scientific adviser P.M. Cook BSc PhD
grateful acknowledgement for help in the production of this film is made to the Scottish Home Department Marine Laboratory, Aberdeen and to the fishermen around the Scottish coast.

Shotlist: title (0.36) two boys pull a creel from shore; shot lobster added to fishmonger's window display (0.48) gvs Berwickshire fishing village of Burnmouth, two boys pull up a box full of lobsters (1.40) lobster fishing boats in bay and offshore fishing boats searching for crabs, haddock, mackerel, whiting in deeper waters (2.05) shots of net being winched in and unloaded (2.44) fishermen preparing bait (2.57) creels are hauled aboard and boxes filled with crabs and lobsters (4.20) shot of fisherman 'binding' lobster claws (4.33) creels are 'shot' overboard (5.23) fishermen measure crabs, those that are too small are returned to the sea (5.40) decks are washed down (5.57) ropes are prepared (6.03) two boys on harbour wall, wave to incoming boat (6.13) boat arrives in harbour, boxes of lobsters are unloaded, weighed, checked for size (7.10) gvs fish auction on harbour (7.39) truck leaves Burnmouth harbour loaded with fish (7.53) l/s port of Eyemouth (8.06) shot of lorry racing down road (8.15) ints tanks full of lobsters (8.28) women workers packing lobsters (8.33) a 'tagged' lobster is identified by foreman (8.47) ints Fisheries Research Station, Aberdeen where Dr. Thomas removes tag, measures and examines the lobster, noting results (9.53) shot of lobster 'moulting', or casting its shell [shot at Marine Biology Station, Torry] - scientist explains the process (13.39) c/u permanent 'punch' marking on lobster (13.51) larva lobster studied under microscope (14.42) vertical haul plankton net is lowered from research ship (15.33) container with plankton sample is recorded and stored (15.51) scientists on deck of ship use different types of creels to study fishing methods (16.09) scientist measures and tags lobster in research ship's laboratory (16.25) research ship sailing in the Pentland Firth (16.52) shot of lorry at Thurso, loaded with boxes of fresh lobsters (17.09) ints deep freeze plant with workers processing crabs (17.20) crofter fisherman at work on Gairloch on the West Coast (17.44) another fishing boat approaches Gairloch pier; gvs unloading fish (18.38) crofter working in fields gathering hay (18.59) same crofter at work in the afternoon, as a postman around Loch Ewe (19.11) same crofter on boat to set creels in fishing ground (19.34) gvs another creel fisherman at work on his wooden fishing boat on the Gairloch (20.22) packing the lobsters in boxes bound for London, the next morning (20.33) larger fishing fleet working around port of Mallaig, shot of fish auction there (21.13) shot of southbound train (21.24) shot along of Princes Street, Edinburgh, showing the North British Hotel (21.31) chef presents c/u beautifully dressed lobster (21.39) lobsters being presented in fishmonger's window (21.48) gvs previous shots of creel fishing in general (22.10) ecs (22.37)