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Reference number: 0506

Date: 1961

Director: d. Ralph G. Guiliani, John M. Wright

Production company: Educational Films of Scotland

Sound: mute

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 11 mins

Description: A survey of Aberdeen's industries, including shipbuilding, granite quarrying, fishing, papermaking, textiles and light engineering.

Shotlist: Credits (.13) Profile of cargo vessel in harbour. The harbour. Gvs docks as several different cargo vessels are unloaded. Shots of crane operator, steam engine and gvs dock scenes (1.42) Shipbuilding. Interior Hall Russell's yard in Aberdeen and shots of ship in various stages of constuction. Launch of the "Ballyrish" (3.18) The fish market. Trawlers land catches, shots of fish sales (4.13) Granite. Rubislaw Quarry with work in progress. Gvs other quarries and men at work. Masons at work and shots of some buildings in the city constructed with granite, including Marischal College (5.37) Cattlemart. Sales of livestock (7.03) Papermaking. Sign for "Alex Pirie, Fine Paper Makers". Shot of river. Gvs interior paper mill and various stages in process of papermaking (8.37) Textiles. Long shot of factory "J&J Crombie Ltd". Shots inside of untreated wool going through dyes, washes and spinning machines. Bales of finished cloth (9.56) Light engineering. Exterior of "John M Henderson & Company, King's Works". Interior shots of manufacture of various steel products (11.22)