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Reference number: T1225

Date: 1962*

Production company: Scottish Television

Sound: mute

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 11.30 mins

Description: Schools programme showing lobster fishing at Eyemouth Harbour, Berwickshire. See also ref. T1617.

Shotlist: shots of fisherman constructing a finished lobster pot in his yard; ms man making pot frame; netmaking; c/u finished pot (2.22) c/u fisherman showing point of entry, and point where lobsters are removed (2.47) shot of Eyemouth harbour Berwickshire; lobster fisherman leaving in his boat, wearing oilskins (3.39) fisherman throws pots in sequence from one side of his boat, then the other; the end is thrown in, bearing a marker (5.39) countdown leader (5.48) shots of lobster fisherman pulling up pots; he throws the smallest back, along with crabs etc. (7.25) countdown leader (7.35) shots of men working on the hull of a wooden boat; ms teenager working on a plank (9.01) countdown leader (9.10) shots of lighthouse with c/u's of light, and lighthouse man; shots of operation at night (10.05) shot of lighthouse boat "North Carr" (10.25) countdown leader (10.35) shot of Gunsgreen House and small building nearby with slot windows(11.30).