BURRELL COLLECTION: Preparation & Conservation of Exhibits

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Title: BURRELL COLLECTION: Preparation & Conservation of Exhibits

Reference number: 10179

Date: 1978c

Director: filmed by Louise Annand

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 16.14 mins

Description: This educational film records preparation and conservation work on exhibits for the Burrell Collection as well as capturing the new building under construction in Pollok Country Park.

Note: The date of this film is an estimate. The film is dated from the Kodak stock as 1977*. Construction work began on the site in 1978. This film could have therefore been filmed anytime from 1978 onwards (with the Burrell officially opening in 1983).

Credits: [opening credits]
Glasgow Schools Museum Service
Scottish Educational Media Association

[end credits]
Information - The Keeper of the Burrell Collection and his staff
voice Robert Horn
produced by Louise Annand, David Millar, David Collins

Shotlist: [title and opening credits]; images of the construction of the Burrell Gallery in Pollok Park; music and commentary: “… was chosen by competition in 1973 … work was begun in 1978 on the site… Camphill house had been transformed into offices and conservation rooms …”; shots of conservation workers repairing and cleaning items from the collection; images showing: the cleaning of a wooden statue covered in paint and gold gilt, water cleaning of a tapestry, sewing repairs on a tapestry, brush cleaning of a small tapestry, applying gauze to raised fabric flower petals; cleaning and repair of a cracked ceramic glazed bowl, repair of a damaged glasspane from a stained glass window, cleaning of very large metal-backed wooden set of doors, remaking of damaged wooden fretwork on a wood door, stone windows repaired and set into the fabric of the new Burrell collection building, ecs (16.14)