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  • Dundee


  • Education
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  • 1940s

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Reference number: 1614

Date: 1942

Sponsor: Dundee Education Committee

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 11.33 mins

Description: To commemorate the work of Bellfield Nursery School, the first purpose built nursery in Dundee, the film shows the children enjoying themselves, taking part in lessons and taking a nap.

Made in the Bellfield Nursery, the first purpose built nursery in Dundee, founded by Jessie Porter in 1918. Handed over to Dundee Education Authority in 1937.

Credits: [Made by local nursery teacher]

Shotlist: Credits (0.16); The Bellfield Nursery School, Dundee, owes its existence to the devoted work of a handful of its inspired citizens. Labouring against all odds, they struggled until in 1937 their work was recognised by Dundee Education Committee, by courtesy of whom this film was made. Small girls enter the nursery gate (0.23); Shot of mother and young child leaving their tenement home and walking through city streets to the nursery (0.38); Children take off their coats (1.05); A toddler is bathed, others wash and brush their teeth (1.48); From the ordinary, everyday things of life, we learn healthy physical habits, to rely on self, yet co-operate with others. Shots as children lay tables for tea break and sit down to pray. Later they clear away and wash up (2.23); Shots of children at organised play (3.16); Children at music with percussion band (3.42); Children playing in the garden (4.50); Mary's intentions are misunderstood - but wise counsel prevails. Shots of two girls arguing over a doll and cot. The leader sorts it all out (5.08); Plates of stewed fruit and milk are dished out to the seated children (6.12); The child of 2 - 5 requires good food, sleep, fresh air and an outlet for energy. In slum areas where supervision cannot be provided, the nursery school is the ideal solution. Children are put to bed or cots for a nap (6.54); Shots as leaders (possibly Jessie Porter and Kathleen Hyde) up-date a child's medical records, and a nurse measures and weighs children (7.19); The leaders make out a notice for the Mothers' Club (7.38); Shots of Mothers' Club meeting (8.36); Toddlers wake up from their nap, fold their blankets and go out to play. Leader takes a lesson with rabbits, then takes the children to the fish pond (10.37); Children at lunch tables and then washing up (11.11); Children put on their coats in preparation for going home. Shots as the mothers come to fetch them (11.33)