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Reference number: 1572

Date: 1951c

Director: d. Stanley Russell

Sponsor: James Templeton & Co.

Production company: Thames and Clyde

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 30 mins

Description: The production line of Templeton's Carpets in Glasgow is illustrated beginning with the initial stages in the design office to shots of women repairing flaws in the finished carpets.

Credits: [comm. Robin Russell
ph. David Hanley]

Shotlist: REEL I

Credits (.27); General shots of various carpets on the floor and on display (3.08); Shots of Monteith Row and unidentified cathedral, possibly Glasgow (3.20); Shots of women looking at shawls and samples of carpets (4.00); Exterior of Templeton's carpet factory, Glasgow Green (4.04); Rooftop shot of Templeton's factory and of the People's Palace, also on Glasgow Green (4.34); Exterior shot of Templeton's factory (4.43); Shot of John Anderson, J.P. Glass and others in an office looking at various designs (6.06); Bales of wool arrive at factory and are then cleaned, blended and teased (8.57); General views of Hugh McKenna, the chief designer, and other members of staff in the design shop (11.40); General shots of a man mixing dyes and dying the wool in a large bath (12.50); Man checking the colour of the wool (13.28); Large balls of wool are weighed and wound onto reels (14.27); General shots of weaving machines in action with close-ups of the women operators (15.47); Shots of two women repairing flaws in the carpets (16.22); General views of a man as he puts a carpet through a trimmer and folding machine (17.33); General views in the main office and mail room (18.19); Exterior shot of the factory (18.21); General views of woman operating a weaving machine (20.57)


No credits. General views in factory canteen (.37); Two women talking in the welfare office (.54); Exterior shots of the company's convalescent home in Ayr (1.07); Shots of patients relaxing and eating (2.16); General views of women and men operating machines (5.24); Two men wrap up a carpet (6.01); General views of carpets in use on ships, hotels, etc. with close-up of different carpets (8.15); Exterior shot of Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament (9.07)