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Reference number: 1113

Date: 1953

Director: filmed by SAAC

Sponsor: Scottish Film Council (SFC)

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 16.23 mins

Description: The ceremony of the Honours of Scotland on the occasion of the state visit of Queen Elizabeth .

One of the group of films known as SCOTLAND SALUTES THE QUEEN made by members of the Scottish Association of Amateur Cinematographers, supported by Scottish Film Council. See also GLASGOW WELCOMES THE QUEEN ref. 0939, STATE ENTRY INTO EDINBURGH ref. 1112.

A record of the Queen's first post-coronation visit to Scotland. Covers the historic events in Edinburgh when, for the first time in over a century, the Crown and Sceptre of Scotland were borne through the streets in procession to St. Giles Cathedral for the National Thanksgiving Service, attended by the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. For further information on this title, see MARSHALL, Frank M. The Amateur Movement in Scotland, in: 21 Years of the Scottish Film Council 1934 - 1955

Credits: This film was made with the co-operation of the Scottish Office, the Lord Provost Sir James Miller, Members of Edinburgh Cine Society and the Scottish Association of Amateur Cinematographers.

Shotlist: REEL I

Credits (.05); [Col,] Wednesday 24 June 1953. Today for the first time in 131 years the Honours are borne from the Castle. The historic day begins. Edinburgh Castle, 8.30 am. Men carrying regalia emerge into inner courtyard in Edinburgh Castle, escorted by members of the Royal Company of Archers (.41); Heralds, now in custody of the Regalia, walk out of castle, escorted by Royal Company of Archers (1.31); Shots of crowds on Castle Esplanade as mounted troops and Household Cavalry meet the heralds. They get into open coach and escorted still by the Royal Company of Archers proceed out of esplanade (3.01); Shots from high vantage point of procession moving down the Lawnmarket (3.22); The procession forms at the Palace of Holyroodhouse at 10.00 am. Pipes and drums lead procession into palace forecourt (mounted Scottish troops, navy, mounted military band, Household Cavalry, etc.) (4.24); Royal carriage leaves entrance with Queen and Prince Philip (4.53); The parade on Princes Street. Several shots from high point along Princes Street with crowds lining the route, shots of various shop fronts, in particular Forsyths, and the parade (5.26); Shots from ground level as royal carriage passes. More shots from above (6.23); Several shots of the procession turning off Princes Street and moving up the Mound (8.21).


No credits. The National Service of Thanksgiving, St Giles 11.00 am. Shots of Parliament Square as Royal Company of Archers arrive (.37); Procession of civic and church dignitaries file into St Giles (.37); General views of guard of honour lining square (1.41); Procession arrives and carriage pulls up at west door. General views of procession and arrival of royal carriage (1.58); Exterior of St Giles (2.00); [B/W] Interior of St Giles. Procession of robed dignitaries including Moderator of General Assembly and files up centre aisle. Dean of the Thistle and Chapel Royal also present. Queen and Prince Philip. General views ceremony against background of interior of St Giles (2.54); Minister in pulpit, intercut with views of cathedral (3.09); Ceremony of handing over of regalia piece by piece to the Queen and thence to the Duke of Hamilton (4.25); Procession makes its way to west door (4.48); [Col] The return to Holyrood. Royal carriage moves away from west door. General views of procession as it moves down High Street (5.56); Closer shots mounted brass band and Household Cavalry, Royal Company of Archers, escorting heralds in carriage holding the regalia. Royal carriage passes, followed by others (7.10); The procession enters forecourt of Holyrood, carriage draws up at entrance (7.50); The End. End credits (8.02).